All Test Drives – Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning – Triple vision


Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning

All Test Drives - Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning - Triple vision

Armed with the famous Triple 1050 cc of the Speed, the Triumph Sprint ST is equipped with a large fairing and two cases as standard, or even optional ABS. The Englishwoman therefore launches a serious appeal to travel, for an hour, a weekend or a month ?


Triple vision

Forgotten the round dress of the early 2000s, since 2005 the Sprint ST has a line that we would gladly have qualified as futuristic … If we were in the heart of the 1980s! Because in the meantime, angular motorcycles – Aprilia Futura and Honda VFR in the lead – have been there.

Finally, the pure and taut lines of the fairing, the tapered optics, the single-sided arm, the rims with five split spokes and the pot housed under the saddle give the Sprint ST a sober, light and elegant look, perfectly corresponding to the target clientele..

Seen from the front, however, we regret the presence of large indicators integrated in mirrors which weigh down the features of the 1050. Similarly, the width of the water radiator prevents the fairing from fully benefiting from the narrowness of the Triple.

The English could therefore have been thinner at the front, however, we note that from an aesthetic point of view this slight overweight makes it possible to counteract the large rear volume, imposed by the two rear bags (20 liters each) delivered from series. In the end, the balance of the motorcycle is respected.

The Triumph philosophy is also respected since – almost – everything on this Sprint ST evokes the "triple". Its engine naturally, stung at "Speed", is a 3-cylinder which develops in the rest of the world the trifle of 127 horsepower at 9,250 rpm and 105 Nm at 7,500 rpm (power limited to 106 horsepower in France for the same maximum torque at the same speed).

The look of the Sprint ST is singular and distinctive. It consists of lenses "of a new design which have the particularity of better distributing the light beam and improving the general light performance of the motorcycle". How many of these lenses? Three, of course.

Likewise, the dashboard is equipped with three large dials with carefully designed plastics. We note in passing that this table is particularly complete.

In the middle is the engine speed, the analog speedometer is located on the left and a digital screen on the right mainly displays the fuel gauge, the engine temperature, the clock, the trip kilometer with its two partials and a countdown on the reserve, and even the maximum speed reached – but there, shhh, it stays between us.

With this bike, we continue to see triple "to the end" since the exhaust gases have three outputs! Just if the Hinckley firm did not push the vice to equip its road with three-spoke rims, three suitcases – although the matching top-case exists as an accessory – or three wheels, since it is fashionable ?!

By meticulously looking for these references to the "Triple", we appreciate the beautiful glitter paint of the fairing but also that of the frame! Triumph has also sprinkled its road with chrome touches: fairing strips, handlebar masses, footrest plates, housing screws and protection of the pot. The little british girl is well dressed…

Too bad that some finishing details leave something to be desired. We especially remember those plastics which are not always well adjusted and not quite symmetrical, or the glove box without hinge.

On this subject, we regret that the pot monopolizes all the space under the saddle: once the papers and the tool kit are stowed in the box located under the handlebars on the right, nothing will fit! For those who have decided to leave their suitcases in the garage, it will be necessary to take everything in the jacket … including the lock ?!

Good point on the other hand as regards the adjustment of tension of the chain: the motorcycle has a central stand and the adjustment is carried out by eccentric. Some will recall all the same that with a gimbal, these considerations become quite futile..

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