All Tests – 2013 FZ8 Test: Spring for the Yamaha Roadster! – Necessary evolutions


2013 FZ8 test: spring for the Yamaha roadster !

All Tests - 2013 FZ8 Test: Spring for the Yamaha Roadster! - Necessary evolutions

On the best selling motorcycle segment in France, the mid-capacity roadster, the Yamaha FZ8 made a relatively modest entry in 2010. This 2013 vintage must correct its main flaws: road test and circuit in Alès, at the foot of the Cévennes.

Necessary evolutions

The most conservative of our readers will be well served because it is a question of corrections, in no case of revolution. The fundamentals, it is true excellent in terms of quality of materials and finish, are preserved. We always have before us an FZ8 such as the one presented three years ago, resulting from an almost direct affiliation with the FZ1. With one notable exception: most of the detail has been done, not the appearance.

Aesthetically, the most obvious is the adoption of a muffler worthy of the rest of the bike, instead of the previous element that we compared to a "modest stove pipe" in our. A "detail" which gives the FZ8 2013 an overall perceived quality in line with the brand’s standards !

You have to get a little closer to discover the other changes made to the aesthetic: the 2013 vintage of the Yamaha FZ8 adopts white turn signal cabochons, sacrificing current fashion. The saddle features a new coating formed by the assembly of two materials and a double stitching.

But the main thing lies in the adoption of new suspensions: let’s start with the new inverted fork, which now integrates the settings of preload on both sides, hydraulic rebound and compression placed respectively up and down on the right side ( see diagram). Too bad the accessibility of the trigger adjustment screw, well hidden under the handlebars, is easier with a knife blade than with a classic screwdriver !

Finally, the shock absorber has also benefited from all the attention of the brand with three tuning forks: it is equipped with a new, firmer spring (83.4N / m against 78.4 N / m for the previous one). The hydraulic braking is improved and we can now, in addition to the preload of the spring, adjust its hydraulic relaxation via a thumbwheel.

Finally, the rear being more raised, it should gain ground clearance despite strictly identical technical data! No doubt the static data is the same, but the more limited sinking due to the harder spring and the better braked hydraulics would limit sinking and thus increase the clearance? It’s time to get on the new FZ8 to check it out !

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