All Tests – A Monster of Ease – Dear entry level


A Monster of Ease

All Tests - A Monster of Ease - Expensive entry level

Ducati, Italian manufacturer, MotoGP world champion in 2007 and Superbike in 2008, is renowned for its sports cars and big-hearted roadsters. However, its best seller remains the little Monster completely revised in 2008: the 696! Test.

Dear entry level

In our test, the Ducati Monster 696 consumed an average of 5.6 liters per 100 km. With the 15 liters of capacity of its tank, the little Monster can therefore travel 250 km without any problem, or even 300 if its driver knows how to be gentle and chooses to exploit the 3.5 liters of reserve..

Let’s take the opportunity to point out that in the event of a slip on only one side, only one half of the tank cover will have to be replaced since the separation strip is not fictitious. On the practical side, DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the accessibility of the oil filter. Other side of the coin, you have to be careful when going down the sidewalks !

The new front optic offers night riders satisfactory lighting. When they get home, they will thank the Italian engineers for having equipped the Ducat ‘with a very useful little option: with the ignition off and the key out, pressing the "mode" button turns on the fire – only once. crossing for several seconds, more than enough to open the garage…

In the end, therefore, it is difficult not to fall for this little Italian who is at the same time beautiful, easy and playful. Ready to make concessions on comfort, practicalities and the lack of fishing at low speeds, some potential customers will however find it difficult to brush aside its main flaw: the price !

Offered at € 7,915 (€ 8,265 for the 696+), the Monster 696 is indeed well above the Japanese competition, which can be just as nice to lead … But the European "cachet" is at this price since Triumph, Aprilia or KTM locate their entry level in the same prices…

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