All Tests – A Monster of Ease – The 696 gallops well


A Monster of Ease

All Tests - A Monster of Ease - The 696 gallops well

Ducati, Italian manufacturer, MotoGP world champion in 2007 and Superbike in 2008, is renowned for its sports cars and big-hearted roadsters. However, its best seller remains the little Monster completely revised in 2008: the 696! Test.

The 696 gallops well

With its unparalleled handling – the 160 mm wide rear tire helping – the Monster 696 therefore delights in winding tracks but is very well freed from faster curves while in a straight line. She knows how to stay on course effectively whatever the speed.

The suspensions are well tuned and allow all the fantasies, in acceleration as in braking, on the sole condition that the road is clear. Because the Sachs shock absorber like – but to a lesser extent – the Showa fork sin in progressivity. On deformed roads, the motorcycle cannot ensure comfort and precision worthy of the name..

As for the engine, it expresses itself fully beyond 5500 rpm. The increase in power is then satisfactory even if the breaker is reached too quickly: it intervenes a little before 9,000 rpm. However, it is at this exact value that the twin theoretically reaches its maximum power of 80 horsepower. A bit frustrating for seasoned bikers !

You quickly learn to navigate between 6,000 and 8,000 revolutions (the maximum torque of 69 Nm is available at 7,500 rev / min), using and abusing the gearbox. Overall, it was discreet and therefore pleasant throughout our test, even if we cannot ignore the few false dead spots encountered between 3rd and 4th gear while driving – too many? – peaceful.

On the other hand, we must compliment the smoothness of the hydraulic control of the clutch and the excellent work of the APTC – the anti-dribbling system – which will avoid any annoyance in the event of incorrect downshifting maneuver. A guarantee of ease, tranquility or safety depending on the pilot’s experience !

It will be recalled in passing that the small Monster Ducati are equipped with a multi-disc clutch in oil bath and not with a "dry" clutch like the big ones. Thus, the 696 makes much less noise at red lights than the 1000 or next 1100…

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