All Tests – Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? – In an armchair


The new Honda SW-T400 at the Tmax aspiration ?

All Tests - Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? - In an armchair

The only twin cylinder among 400 cc maxiscooters, the Silver Wing 400 gave way in 2009 to the SW-T400. By polishing the dynamic behavior of its scooter and radically transforming its lines, does Honda have the means to worry the Tmax ?


In an armchair

Even mounted on its control unit, the SW-T400 is easy to ride. Located at only 740mm high, the new saddle benefits from a new softer material and its shape generally resumes that of the Silver Wing, so that the Honda 400 still shines as much for its comfort. !

Getting the scooter off its stand requires some force and good timing, because the SW weighs a whopping 247 kg all full made in its standard version and 250 kg with ABS. The first maneuvers are therefore done with caution, especially if you were used to handling a 125.

Once properly wedged against the backrest – now fixed -, you can start the twin cylinder online. Again, the SW-T400 benefits from the same strengths as the Silver Wing: the motor produces no vibration and the sound emanating from the long pot is flattering..

More than royal, the driving position is imperial! After having been enthroned for a few moments with your back straight and your feet on the floor, you very quickly adopt an almost lying position: the feet can be lodged far forward while the arms do not have to stretch out to grab the handlebars..

The first turns of the wheels are carried out with a certain caution: the weight of the beast prevents the engine – which develops 39 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 37.8 Nm 2,500 rpm lower – from making thunderous starts. So you have to play a little on the handlebars to keep your balance.

Fortunately, the SW-T400’s long wheelbase (1600 mm) and the light, neutral front end makes it easier for the pilot in this situation. Likewise, the excellent turning radius makes it possible to maneuver effectively during stops or to turn around in a pocket square without putting your foot on the ground, as permitted. !

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