All Tests – Not reasonable … but awfully good! – Good for spirit !


Not reasonable … but awfully good !

All Tests - Not reasonable ... but awfully good! - Good for spirit !

200 hp for 472 kg: these Quebeckers are crazy! Daniel Campagna and his team succeeded in approving in our country, oh how fussy, a real ORNI (Unidentified Rolling Object): the T-Rex. Special Christmas test, between two snowfalls !

Good for spirit !

Even if we could not push it to its limits because of the winter conditions, it was a real delight to test this T-Rex. It was also a privilege to ride with a machine so deliciously unreasonable and against the grain of our "disempowering" society of "all-assisted" and "all-safe".

While we may not or all want to afford one for Christmas, it is good to think that there are still ORNIS like this today..

Predictably: the only annoying subject is the price !

The Campagna T-Rex is available from 50,000 € for a warranty of only 12 months or 20,000 km … It is the effort to be made to experience unique pleasures on the open road !

Criteria Campagna T-Rex
Aesthetics and finish From another world
Engine and transmission approval Mind blowing
Performances Ruffling
Sound Diabolical
Road holding and stability Impressive
Agility and maneuverability … of a Kart
Braking Biting like the cold of December
Comfort and protection Anecdotal
Duo A well-hung stomach is recommended
Practical aspects Two Top-cases: luxury !
Consumption and autonomy When we love we don’t count
Total / 100 A lot !

Table comments: What is the use of noting this machine? In relation to whom, in relation to what ??? The T-Rex is a niche on its own! It is a little expensive toy, of course, but very few motorized land vehicles exude as many sensations… But to consume rather in the summer !

Info and contact

If you have been seduced by the Campagna T-Rex and want to know more, here are some links and the contact of the importer for France whom we thank very much for making this test possible:

  • Sébastien Pelletier, at 06 13 66 18 08


Besides Sébastien Pelletier, we would like to warmly thank – the term is appropriate – the entire Beltoise Evolution team for their warm welcome. It allowed us to test the T-Rex as well as possible and in safety, despite these winter conditions..

The Beltoise Circuit also welcomes two-wheelers for its famous "Fair Driving" courses, the objective of which is not to put the knee down or to hit a stopwatch but to control your machine well and know how to anticipate the dangers of the road. This one-day training course is intended for all types of motorized two-wheelers. Three types of sessions: for 125 cc scooters, 125 cc motorcycles and large engines. Note that the internships never exceed more than 6 students at a time for 2 trainers. Finally, recently, a half-day training has even been offered to cyclists … excellent initiative !

Contact: Fair Driving School – Beltoise Circuit – Tel: 01 30 51 23 23
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