All Tests – Triumph Sprint ST or the art of English spinning – The art of English spinning


Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning

All Tests - Triumph Sprint ST or the art of English spinning - The art of English spinning

Armed with the famous Triple 1050 cc of the Speed, the Triumph Sprint ST is equipped with a large fairing and two cases as standard, or even optional ABS. The Englishwoman therefore launches a serious appeal to travel, for an hour, a weekend or a month ?


The art of English spinning

Launched in 1999, the Sprint ST is in its third generation. After its increase in displacement in 2005 (from 955 to 1050 cc), it underwent a few modifications last year: "in response to customer feedback, the changes in 2008 are subtle but help improve the exceptional performance of this ultra versatile motorcycle", warned Triumph during its presentation…

Thus, the Hinckley firm was content to refine its GT Sportive. With just three keys, the case was settled: a metal tank to allow the installation of a magnetic bag, a harder rubber on the footrests to increase their lifespan and improved night lighting..

For the rest, nothing moves: same engine, same chassis, same plastic. After all, why redesign a model having "in 2007 won the 50,000 km endurance test"of our German colleagues from Motorrad, welcomes Triumph ?

According to our neighbors across the Rhine, the English would have shown, from a purely mechanical point of view, particularly enduring and reliable. Even more than its two main rivals: the German BMW K1200S and the Japanese Honda VFR800 !

But what is the Sprint ST 1050 worth on the road? To get a clear and precise idea of ​​it, Site carried out the French version (106 horses therefore) equipped with ABS on the small departmental and large motorways of Normandy…

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