All Tests – Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning – English with a sporty accent


Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning

All Tests - Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning - English with a sporty accent

Armed with the famous Triple 1050 cc of the Speed, the Triumph Sprint ST is equipped with a large fairing and two cases as standard, or even optional ABS. The Englishwoman therefore launches a serious appeal to travel, for an hour, a weekend or a month ?


English with a sporty accent

The handling of the Triumph is easy despite its weight of 213 kg dry, which is naturally felt when stationary or on foot. Once in the saddle, we appreciate the width of the latter and its height of 805 mm which allows most bikers to put both feet simultaneously on the ground..

The position of the bust is slightly tilted forward, indicating in the Sprint ST a sportiness remained until then rather unnoticed. The legs and knees are correctly wedged behind the large fairing, which shows that this excessive width – compared to that of the engine – has its interest !

At start-up, the sporting accent is copiously reaffirmed: even at idle – a bit high – the pot distills a hoarse sound, even rocky or cavernous … so as not to repeat "sporty". Smooth at low revs, the engine and transmission do not flinch when the first is engaged via a very smooth clutch lever.

A definite advantage when it comes time to take off the Sprint, because its first gear takes a long time. Too long in fact to make the Englishwoman pleasant to drive in traffic jams: you have to skate, let go, continually take up the left lever … In short, you can’t wait to get out of town.

Especially since the turning radius of the Triumph a little limited, the width of the suitcases and the lack of flexibility at low speed of the Triple – under 3500 rpm – hardly facilitate urban maneuvers … , the Sprint ST takes a little practice and goodwill.

On the "open" road, you can feel the Triumph already more at ease. The accelerations provided by the "Tripeul" become more and more hairy as you go up in the towers. The pilot takes it easy: the shape of the saddle allows you to wedge your buttocks..

The speed is therefore there, the sensations a little less: lovers of real "kicks in the ass" will be a little unsatisfied. With age and in this "road" version, the 1050 cc shows itself to be civilized, and we can’t really blame it..

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