All Tests – Triumph Sprint ST or the English way of spinning – Globe sprinter


Triumph Sprint ST or the English art of spinning

All Tests - Triumph Sprint ST or the English way of spinning - Globe sprinter

Armed with the famous Triple 1050 cc of the Speed, the Triumph Sprint ST is equipped with a large fairing and two cases as standard, or even optional ABS. The Englishwoman therefore launches a serious appeal to travel, for an hour, a weekend or a month ?


Globe sprinter

On expressways, the "Sprinter" knows how to play the marathon runners: at 5,000 rpm in 6th gear, the stride of the Englishwoman reaches 140 km / h "counter". At this speed and on this report, the recoveries are energetic. For the crossings of small towns, on the other hand, it will be necessary to drop a few speeds so as not to rush the triple.

On the highway, we realize that the wide fairing perfectly isolates the legs from the wind and bad weather. The calves are even pleasantly warmed by a flow of air emanating from the gills. A little comfort in winter, which will turn into a little inconvenience in summer…

The driver’s head and shoulders are not as well insulated: the screen would benefit from rising more, like the one offered at 145 € in the accessories catalog. On the passenger side, its raised saddle allows it to enjoy the landscape but in return it will have to fight against the wind on the expressway.

The co-pilot’s grab handles and footrests are well placed and the suitcases do not interfere with his legs. On the other hand, the growls of the pot end up getting drunk passengers "non-music lovers". The whistling of the engine does not help: for some couples, the purchase of earplugs will even be considered for long distances.

At night, despite the efforts of the English engineers, the lighting of the new optics is not really convincing. No more than the kickstand which, on the Sprint 2010, deserves to be reviewed and corrected

Whether it is the side lug hidden under the footrest or the central unit requiring two good doses of synchronization and effort, the breaks – short or long – with the Triumph are deserved. !

When stopping at the gas station, however, the Sprint knows how to be forgiven: no tank bottleneck unnecessarily slowing the end of the refueling and an average consumption estimated at 6.3 liters per 100 km. On a total of 700 road markers of all kinds, swallowed in rhythms of all kinds – most of the time two and loaded -, it is satisfactory !

Other good surprises that Triumph has in store for its customers: a single key is used to make everything work. "An additional barrel is even delivered for the Top-case", specifies a mechanic from Triumph France. Likewise, a very silly but very pleasant thing, the cases are perfectly identical: no right or left, it’s easier to manage !

For 12,290 € (count 12,990 € with abs), the Hinckley firm therefore offers an engaging road, with sporting potential very present but which does not forget its GT vocation. The engine pushes hard, the cycle part follows without batting an eyelid, the duo is comfortable and the suitcases spacious…

In short, what to take a lot of pleasure to trace the or rather "the roads", to slip away – "take the french leave" – ​​with or without your other half, with or without suitcases, with or without the desire to ‘attack…

In the end, only this "two-stroke" front brake really weighs down the excellent level of this Sprint ST 1050. The sound of the pipes can also tire heavy riders in the long run, but it is especially the whistling of the engine – a Triumph specialty – which irritates. Here and those damn crutches … But what do you want: "Nobody’s perfect" !

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