Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010

Gradually, the Benelli range in 900 is expanding. Each model of the Italian factory is thus split, benefiting from two personalities for two levels of power … and two types of driving: sport and very sport. Like the TnT and the Tre-K, the Cafe Racer is equipped with 3 cylinders in reduced format. 899 cm3 of displacement, a few less horses, a less violent torque and a lot of euros deducted from the invoice.

But make no mistake, the 899 Cafe racer isn’t a cute little kitty..

The line of the CR has not aged at all, although it dates back a host of years already. His edges and his praying mantis facies are still aggressive. The removal of the high handlebars makes it even more threatening. From the plastic and the attributes of the 1130, Benelli has recovered everything to perfect the mimicry and charm of this machine – it goes from the pot under the saddle, side radiators, carbon parts to the perforated triple tree – a small wink always surprises the incredulous with the mirrors mounted at the end of the handlebars. Only the rev counter without great originality almost disappoints on this mechanical insect. On the terrace of a café, it’s impossible to be discreet. The machine is superb and gives off an impression of sportiness throughout.

On the road, the magic continues. The bust resting (without exaggeration) on the handlebars-bracelets, with a big purr between the legs, we quickly know who we are dealing with. The Café Racer lives up to its name, with its origin as a roadster that has big sports cravings. As soon as we are on the road with him, everything is a pretext to engage the arsouille mode. As with the big 1130, which has enough potato to slap you nice slaps when you turn it on. The little brother doesn \ ‘t have such a large paw but he has kept the same family temperament. Its 120 hp does not lack expression or gniak. Fortunately, the power is more controllable, with what it takes not to get bored on the handlebars. Both the chassis and the swingarm are not only superb. They provide rigidity and precision worthy of any good Italian sports car. It just requires a little more involvement on the part of the pilot; we are not sitting on a nice little Japanese roadster.

Not necessarily comfortable but terribly endearing, with this face and this engine that gives you value for your money, the 899 Cafe Racer is a machine that knows how to appreciate. More sporty than the 899 TnT S, less violent and more accessible than the big 1130, this CR is for connoisseurs. He drinks, he doesn’t necessarily have a good character, the finish and reliability are not at the standard of his price, but you have to know what you want: a McDonald’s hamburger or a shoulder of buffalo….

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    Max speed:
    about 230 km / h

The technical aspect

Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010

  • Frame
  • Tank: 16 liters
  • Width: 790 mm
  • Height: 1,050 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,443 mm
  • Dry weight: 199 kg
  • Operating weight: 215 kg
  • Train before

Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 899 cc
    (88 x 49.2 mm)
  • 120
    at 9,500 rpm
  • 9 mkg
    at 8000 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010

Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010

Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010

Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer 2010


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