Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

Brands like to cultivate their history and highlight their glorious past. Recently, machines transpiring from the past are striving to take us in a neo-retro wave. Benelli practices a nice style with this endearing roadster with the hints of scrambler.

Here is the Leoncino, a beautiful prototype which prefigures a production machine which should roll out at the end of 2016.

The "Lion cub" A change from the recent far too Chinese productions that invaded the Benelli clan. If this Leoncino forgets to adopt a high position for its exhaust in order to fully claim scrambler status, the whole machine has plenty to please. A compact and rounded template, studded tires on spoked rims, a sleek and gourmet design like a praline: the Benelli knows how to charm. And does not lack arguments to make a machine as modern as it is vintage. The classic round headlight as well as the turn signals are LED, the braking uses 4-piston calipers with radial mounting, the petal brake discs track to 320 mm in diameter, and a large inverted 50 mm fork firmly maintains the train before. Robust, and even disproportionate for a 48 horsepower machine. Look question, it works and it slams.

48 horses? This will be sufficient. What to counter the Mash 400 Scrambler and Ducati 400 Scrambler Sixty2 to which we will naturally oppose it. However, faced with such a character, a more pot-bellied engine would have been much more appreciated. Taken from the TRK 502, this two-cylinder block also comes out 4.6 mkg and allows you to play with A2 license holders. If we can praise the extreme discretion of the steel tube frame, it is harder to accept the prominence of the radiator and the too modern appearance of the engine compared to the silhouette of this Leoncino. There is a little time left and the reactions of the public to refine this Leoncino. But at the sight of the small statuette on the front fender, bearing the emblem of the brand, we say to ourselves that this machine already has great ambitions.

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    Max speed:
    about 170 km / h

The technical aspect

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

  • Frame
  • Tank: 15 liters
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 1160 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,450 mm
  • Dry weight: 170 kg
  • Train before

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

  • Transmission
  • secondary by chain
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 499.60 cc
    (69 x 66.8 mm)
  • 48
    at 8,500 rpm
  • 4.60 mkg
    at 4,500 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016


Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

Benelli 500 LEONCINO 2016

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