Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

A film which is a hit in theaters quickly sees unfolding 3 years after a sequel in the same vein. Often it is less good; sometimes it’s better (The Godfather 2, Indiana Jones 2, Terminator 2 …).
To our good surprise, the second generation of Bimota SB6, which rides on the success of the latter, is even more successful than the investigator. Remember that the SB6 released in 1994 was the initiator of the SLC frame, a structure with very straight spars. The factory once again proved its will and capacity for innovation.

The SB6R takes up the torch without apprehension or complexes. First of all, she changed her dress. The lines are still fluid while asserting themselves more aggressive. The two headlights, previously separated, are united in the same optical unit. The fairing is tighter, the tank redesigned; but it is certainly the rear part which has evolved the most aesthetically. The exhausts are no longer hidden in the backsplash but placed below. The self-supporting and single-seater saddle elegantly draws a play of curves that highlight the silencers and the exclusive character of the machine. The swingarm is larger section and now branded with the manufacturer’s name. Do you like carbon? There are even in the fork sleeves. As for the propellant, no surprises, it is still the 4-cylinder of the Suzuki 1100 GSX-R. And he too has adapted to the taste of the day.
Bimota offered him a larger air box connected to an optimized forced air system. A little tuning to the carbs for the consequence and the Japanese block breathes harder than ever.
The chassis has been further stiffened, the wheelbase increased by 10 mm, as has the rear tire which increases to 190 mm wide.

Even more sport for the SB6R, and it goes all the way to the cockpit. We now find the large rev counter in the central position seconded laterally by a speedometer typing in the 320. A small digital dial completes the panoply, making it possible to monitor the temperature and the distance traveled..
Just enough time to drool a little in front of the magnificent aluminum triple tree cut in the mass and appreciate the saddle a little more comfortable before accepting the truth – you have to get out of town quickly, it will not do it. Already the pilot is quickly subjected to pain due to his very sporty position (aïe, ouch wrists)…. Unpleasant driving. And it is not the ridiculous weight of the bike that will compensate for the tiny turning radius. In addition, we do not see anything in the retro. Come on, let’s break.

The road has cleared and the lanes have multiplied. The SB6R didn’t take long to reach speeds that were largely prohibited. It goes fast, faster than the wind, and the Italian is once again proving its remarkable stability. No real difference with the SB6 which was doing so well. But it’s always gratifying to know that your mount is theoretically even more stable than its predecessor..
La Bimota wants you to benefit from its talent. The bends are announced, the pilot smiles, the motorcycle is jubilant. We take it from one curve to another with the happiness and ease of a Japanese sportswoman. Its 184 kgs dry are an asset in tight turns, where the SB6R can count on astonishing agility for an 1100.
You can enter like a nag in the turn, brake by crushing the lever, the chassis remains unperturbed. Note that the Brembo are really powerful, – a pity that the bite is not as satisfactory. In the virolo, the machine remains stuck on a rail and it is even possible at any time to correct its trajectory. Those who know the GSX-R will be surprised to see what the mill can do when it passes through the Rimini factory. Imagine the force of an 1100 and the revs of a 750. Let the tachometer needle rise a little. You have to wait for 4000 revs to feel the thrust of the mill then the big 8 begins. It goes up, it goes up, it goes up, it grows again and again…

The boiler keeps swinging big watts and it never ends. We enter the red zone and it is still growing. There is only the breaker which can calm the big 4 legs. Level times, the SB6R is just as brilliant. A burst of gas at mid-revs and the bike leaps even more. We quickly got addicted to this adrenaline.

Don’t judge the Bimota SB6R by comparing it to Japanese productions. The Italian offers performance and exception. This R edition of the SB6 has evolved a lot: a unique taste, a silhouette to succumb, an intoxicating scent and a tasty ride. Still, at nearly 130,000 Frs, this beautiful toy is closer to the dream than to the smile of your banker.

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    Max speed:
    280 km / h

  • Acceleration
    0 to 100: 3.20 s

The technical aspect

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

  • Frame
  • Tank: 20 liters
  • Wheelbase: 1,400 mm
  • Dry weight: 184 kg
  • Train before

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 1,074 cc
    (75.5 x 60 mm)
  • 160
    at 11,500 rpm
  • 13 mkg
    at 5 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998


Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

Bimota 1100 SB6-R 1998

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