Bimota 750 SB7 1994

The designation SB7 means that this Bimota is here 7th motorcycle born with a propellant Suzuki. But this machine, we could simply identify it as SuperBike. Indeed, with the SB7, the small Italian manufacturer has given itself the means to do much more than figuration in this championship where the 916 and RC 45 are illustrated..

First and foremost, Bimota is a brand of enthusiasts, blending innovation, technology and performance. This passion can be read in the curves of the SB7. The design carefully mixes sportiness, elegance and indescribable charm. After the first admiration, it is the surprise and the questioning which seizes the gaze when he discovers the aluminum frame of the machine. Baptized "Straight Line Connection", its perimeter structure forms a straight line as direct as possible between the swing arm and the steering column. A very interesting concept, inaugurated on the SB6 and supposed to combine rigor and agility. To perfect the behavior of the Bimota, the pilot has access to an abundance of settings. The 46 mm fork, whose legs are covered with a layer of carbon, is adjustable in compression and rebound (preload is optional). It is also possible to modify the column angle and the position of the handlebars. The mono-shock absorber Öhlins anchored in a longitudinal position in the frame can also be changed in all directions. Turning around the bike, if you’ve stuck on the double tailpipes in the NR 750-style saddle too much, you may not have noticed the sumptuous saddle-tank assembly. A superb piece in one piece fixed directly to the frame and particularly rigid. This set is made of carbon and fiberglass.

A little further down, there is magnesium. Where ? In the crankcases of the engine block. Here is what inspires a very elaborate mechanics; in this case the mill of the Suzuki GSX-R 750 SP. Once in Rimini, the 4-cylinder is simmered in Bimota sauce. It is grafted an injection system, camshafts with a wicked profile, a new air box, a different exhaust. Thus doped, the acute breath of the boiler amounts to 132 hp. Canassons perched high which leaves no doubt about the use of the machine: Sport !
Once in the saddle, legs spread by the large tank, one is frankly astonished at the extreme compactness of the machine. Even a 600 must be bigger. Besides the feeling of confidence it provides, the SB7 seems to merge with its pilot. It does not take long to convince him of his favorite game: it is a tracker. A machine that likes beautiful trajectories and high revs. To take full advantage of its dynamic qualities, you have to know how to regulate it lightly. Bimota are very sensitive to settings and a lot of attention should be paid to them. Nothing to do with a more conciliatory Japanese; la Bimota is a true Italian. Once properly configured, the bike faithfully obeys the rider’s orders, proving to be very pleasant to ride. Braking calls for no criticism, and the SB7 doesn’t move or flinch when the Brembos are running..
To really benefit from it, do not hesitate to raise the needle of the tachometer. Ditch the foreplay at low and mid revs. The SB7 only responds above 7,000 rpm. Do you have to play the box?!? So much the better; you are not there to cruising like a Fat Boy. The boiler feasts on revving and only delivers all its power to you at the border of the red zone. An area that goes from 13 to 16,000 trs … The higher you go, the more guts you get. A delight !

Bimota has long been manufacturing machines of temperament and / or exception. The SB7 is part of this lineage with honor. Little adapted to everyday life but terribly endearing, it will encounter as the main obstacle that its limited manufacture and its price as high as its engine speeds. Although … with a price between that of the 916 SPS and that of the Honda RC 45, the hesitations are no longer the same.

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    Max speed:
    sup 250 km / h

The technical aspect

Bimota 750 SB7 1994

  • Frame
  • Tank: 17 liters
  • Wheelbase: 1390 mm
  • Dry weight: 186 kg
  • Train before

Bimota 750 SB7 1994

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 749 cc
    (70 x 48.7 mm)
  • 132
    at 10,000 rpm
  • 8 mkg
    at 9000 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Bimota 750 SB7 1994

Bimota 750 SB7 1994


Bimota 750 SB7 1994

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