Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

The neo-retro being in tune with the times, even an elitist manufacturer like Bimota could not let this fashion pass without infusing it into some model. It is the TESI 3D, the most unique machine of the brand, which has been chosen to illustrate this trend.. The result is as appealing as a Lazareth creation embedded in a BCBG scooter convention. The TESI 3D RaceCafe pushes daring to its ultimate frontiers.

Refined rear, expressive front bordering on brutal, compact and cut size from which two tubular growths escape – This cafe racer is a UFO in its category. Exuberance is at its peak. Especially with its unique frame: two aluminum plates cut in the mass and strongly perforated constitute an Omega structure. At its ends are anchored two tubular trellis oscillating arms. The rear already striking by its shape appears almost classic in comparison to the gas plant of which the front axle is composed. Another tubular trellis holding a directional hub in its pins. A set of connecting rods to link that to a phantom steering column and voila you with one of the most surreal motorcycles in production. The complex linkage forced the brake calipers to end up facing south. A staggering situation, it is the case to say it, for these superb one-piece Brembo radially fixed. Add to that a whole lot of beautiful machined parts, suspensions Öhlins, a set of lightweight OZ racing rims, a polished finish and you will understand why Bimota charges this machine at an exorbitant price. Return to the front suspension for a moment and notice the eccentric connecting the arm to the shock absorber. A similar element conditions the rear, the duo allowing to play on the height of the motorcycle with an amplitude of more or less 23 mm.

Motorization side, however difficult to express real enthusiasm. Chosen from the Ducati organ bank, the twin still has a good face, but does its generation have its place in such a technical part-cycle. But above all, its power is totally unworthy of such a machine. The BB3 has an S 1000 RR engine, the DB8 is stuffed with the boiler of the 1198, the brand has even shown that it can hang on to madness with its DB11 VLX equipped with a compressor. And there, on the Tesi 3D RaceCafĂ©, the pilot will be stuck with an 803 cm3 air-cooled with 2 valves per cylinder. From the Scrambler, the mechanics gain a handful of nags to display 80 horsepower. But why not have kept the 1100? And to think that the first Tesi could receive the engine of the Superbike 851; or a version inflated to 904 cm3 and 113 hp … OK, I’ll stop.

Showing only 165 kilograms dry, the Tesi RC pushes the vice until offering an optional carbon version of its swingarms. It is then 3 kilos which fly away. Like the price.
Exceptional technologically and disappointing on the engine side, the Bimota Tesi 3D RaceCafe surprises and detonates. A collector’s item, a whim, an expression of faith.

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    Max speed:
    about 200 km / h

The technical aspect

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

  • Frame
  • Tank: 16 liters
  • Width: 700 mm
  • Height: 1,100 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1390 mm
  • Dry weight: 165 kg
  • Train before

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 803 cc
    (88 x 6 mm mm)
  • 80

Detached pieces


chain kit


Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016


Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

Bimota 800 TESI 3D RaceCafe 2016

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