BMW K 1300 S 2014

After a few years of loyal service, the time had come for the BMW road missile to bow out … in its 1200 version. For the fastest and most powerful sport-GT in Behemian history, no question of slipping away but of asserting oneself, of strengthening one’s place, of taking the hair of the beast. Always more, always better, under an almost unchanged dress. Most of the work was done under the dress. Under this name, the K 1300 S has not only gained airspace and horsepower. Its 175 guns are at the service of more agility, performance, sportiness – BM promises us, the engineers’ worked there.

From the trunk, from the watts, from the potato. Ever since Bavaria woke up, it keeps adding power to its machines. The K 1300, in S, R and GT versions, gained 136 cc per increased stroke and bore. Modest gain in bore (+ 1 mm), because it is above all the stroke that is in the spotlight: 5.3 mm more. We therefore clearly sought to increase availability without necessarily hitting more laps. Something successful because the maximum power is now reached 1000 rpm earlier, and the torque is increased between 2 and 8000 rpm. With 8 hp more since 2009, the K 1300 S boasts the respectable powerful 175 hp, the same value as the Suzuki Hayabusa to which it is naturally compared – except that the 1300 GSX-R had reached that figure in 1999. Yes, well, anyway …..
Retaining its cylinder axis tilted 55 ° forward, the German 4-legged takes many elements and specifics of the old 1,157cc. Certain points are revised to adapt to its new displacement and the improved performance. We can cite the lighter 9 g connecting rods, or the new pistons with the shorter skirt and narrower segments, but overall these are mostly small points of improvement.

Z took the opportunity to also review the gearbox, with optimized forks, dogs and pinions, as well as a new selection mechanism; for more precision and speed under the sole. But beware, there is a surprise. And never seen before on a sport-GT: a shifter is available as an option for the K 1300 S. Surprising, no!?! You can now ask for the same racing mechanism for a fast Bavarian roadster, which allows you to change gears on the fly without touching the clutch or releasing the throttle. Admit that bringing together big horses, a gimbal, a shifter and a two-seater saddle on a sport-GT, only BM could do that to us..

Always mindful of anti-pollution standards, the propeller firm has installed in the K 1300 S advanced engine and fuel management, associated with a brand new exhaust. Shorter, lighter, it incorporates a motorized mobile shutter whose opening varies depending on the speed. A BMW EXUP version – It just goes to show that the system designed by Yamaha in the 80s is pretty darn good today. If you don’t like that, there’s an Akrapovic on the options list. There is also an ASC traction control, disconnectable while driving. Remember that ABS, as standard, can also be disconnected, but only when stopped.
After its finely sharpened mustaches, the K 1300 S leaves little to debate on fans and detractors of the style. Going from 12 to 13, the K has only slightly revised its silhouette. Redesigned air intake vents, shorter pot, fine-tuned fairing panels with light effects, cornering on softer edges…. Nothing overwhelming with this new dress, just a little discreet but not ugly dusting. BM, as always, prefers to focus on what he tinkers under the fairing.
It was the 1200 that was responsible for the shock: replacing the fork with a new system. Called Duolever, the front guide arm is retained with a small improvement on the 1300: it is no longer made of steel but of light alloy, allowing the weight gain of 1 kilo. The cardan transmission remains the Paralever. We note the firming of the suspensions, which can be adjustable with the ESA 2 (also option). The first ESA to appear on the K 12 allowed adjustment of damping and preload – Version 2 adds adjustment of rear shock spring stiffness. The ESA II is the first electronic motorcycle suspension tuning system to offer such extensive adjustment possibilities. at the rear, it acts on the preload and spring stiffness as well as on the rebound and compression stage of the shock absorber. at the front, adjustment is limited to the rebound stage of the shock absorber. For the pilot, it is enough to choose the mode which goes well, Comfort, Normal or Sport. Mode to which the loading status can be added: Alone, Alone with luggage or Two with luggage. No screwdrivers or tools; we choose and the electronic laws do the job.

Whether it is road or sport, the K 1300 S embeds enough technology to reduce the border between its 2 obligations. It no longer assumes the role of BMW’s missile since the S 1000 RR has become the brand’s sporting showcase. But its potential allows it to assert itself as a very fast vessel with much greater comfort than that of a hypersport. We almost forget that this model is the first from BM to feature an LED taillight, that the commodos have gone to the Japanese standard, that the revamped digital instrument cluster can be replaced by the racing dashboard of the HP2 Sport , and that the list of personalization of this BMW has grown even further:

• Heated grips.
• Luggage rack (new).
• Low rider seat (approx. 790 mm, crotch arch 1750 mm).
• DWA (anti-theft alarm system).
• ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment II; new).
• HP shifter (new).
• Polychrome painting.
• ASC traction control system.
• RDC tire pressure control indicator.
• On-board computer including oil indicator.


For transport.

• Luggage rack with mounting kit (new).
• Waterproof tank bag, large model (new).
• Waterproof tank bag, small model, attachment kit included.
• Set of sports cases including brackets.
• Softbag Sport, small model 19 liters / large model 51 liters.
• Waterproof duffel bag 53 liters, lashing strap with tensioner included.
• Docking spider.

For maintenance and technique.

• HP shifter (new).
• HP instrument cluster (new).
• Central stand.
• On-board tools with maintenance set.
• Workshop stand, adapter included.
• 230 volt / 110 volt battery charger, adapter cable included.
• K it tubeless repair.
• Repair instructions for K models, DVD.
• Motorcycle cleaner.

For ergonomics and comfort.

• Heated grips with switch kit.
• Low rider seat (approx. 790 mm, crotch arch 1750 mm).
• Tinted screen.
• HP driver footrest plates (new).
• HP passenger footrest plates (new).
• HP forged front wheel (3.50 x 17" WHERE MotoId = 4875; rear (6.00 x 17").

For the look and the sound.

• HP carbon seat cowl.
• HP carbon clutch housing protection.
• HP series silencer cover (new).
• Akrapovi sport silencer?® (new).
• HP carbon tank cover (new).
• HP carbon front fender.
• HP carbon airbox cover.

For the safety.

• DWA (anti-theft alarm system) with remote control.
• Rear mud flap.
• Large / small first aid kit.
• Motorcycle cover.

For navigation and communication.

• BMW Motorrad ZUMO navigation system incl. Bracket (new).

The technical highlights of the K 1300 S at a glance:

• Even more dynamism, especially in the lower and middle rev range, thanks to the increased displacement.
• Engine power of 129 kilowatts (175 hp) at 9,250 rpm and maximum torque of 140 Newton-meters at 8,250 rpm.
• Torque increase of more than 10 Newton-meters in the speed range from 2,000 rpm to 8,000 rpm.
• Compliance with the most stringent emission standards thanks to the new digital engine management setting.
• Increase in performance and decrease in consumption thanks to the optimization of gas exchange.
• Optimized exhaust line with a new rear silencer, an electronically controlled flap and a three-way catalytic converter regulated by lambda probe.
• Improved gas control metering through desmodromic system.
• Optimized maintenance-free cardan drive with new two-stage cardan shaft.
• Even higher steering precision for maximum directional stability thanks to the front wheel guidance system – Duo lever – optimized by a redesigned lower longitudinal arm.
• Firmer calibration of the spring / shock absorber combinations for even more accurate feedback.
• Exciting handling thanks to a chassis with optimized geometry, optimum weight distribution and a coherent overall concept.
• perfect balance thanks to the very low center of gravity.
• Ergonomically balanced handlebar position for an active and relaxed ride.
• Second generation ESA II electronically adjustable suspension and ASC traction control system available on request.
• New generation innovative handlebar controls with optimized ergonomics.
• High active safety thanks to BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partially integral) as standard.
• On-board network: CAN bus for sensible functionality, smaller wiring harness and less weight.
• Electronic immobilizer as standard.
• Optimized aerodynamics.
• HP shifter for upshifting without load break available in the accessories range.

The BMW K 1300 S in video:

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    BMW K 1300 S 2014
    K 1300 S 2013

    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    280 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 4.70 l

The technical aspect

BMW K 1300 S 2014

  • Frame
  • Tank: 19 liters
  • Width: 905 mm
  • Height: 1221 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,585 mm
  • Dry weight: 228 kg
  • Operating weight: 254 kg
  • Train before

BMW K 1300 S 2014

  • Transmission
  • Secondary transmission by shaft and cardan
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 1,293 cc
    (80 x 64.3 mm)
  • 175
    at 9,250 rpm
  • 14 mkg
    at 8,250 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014


BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

BMW K 1300 S 2014

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