BMW K 1600 B 2021

What could motivate the K 1600 B to tackle languid good wheel roads? A few non-innocent small changes in 2021. Additional equipment, from the optional spoke to the standard equipment: in addition to reverse gear, the bagger benefits from the adaptive cornering light, tire pressure control and daytime running lights.

The previous changes date from 2019, when the lowering of the seat from 780 to 750 mm, and the addition to the standard equipment of the Hill Start Control Pro were recorded – a hill start aid which can be practical with a vessel of this size. But a vessel more languid than the usual Béhème productions.

A bagger in the BMW range is unprecedented … and rather logical given BMW’s desire to expand. For the American market, this kind of custom-touring is a necessity in the range. For example, the best-selling Harley-Davidson is a bagger, the Street Glide. This mission is devolved to the K 1600 B, which has an argument of weight and differences in the face of the sector’s offer. Baggers are almost all powered by a V-twin; the K 1600 B offers much more majesty with its six-cylinder.

This K 1600 B is not completely unknown. Its arrival had been prepared with the concept 101, presented at the Concours d’Élégance Villa d’Este. Powerful, it does not suffer from any rival. Its 160 horsepower gives it almost double the watts of the main actresses in the segment. Only the Honda Goldwing can cause it velvety question and mechanical nobility.

The BMW K 1600 B is defined by style "streamline" characteristic with a low and elusive rear part. The ambition of this bike is embodied by a slender line plunging towards the rear, integrating the side cases which in turn incorporate the American-style rear optics. Strictly parallel to the road, the new full chrome mufflers blend organically into the bagger line.

Declined for a large part of the technique of the grand touring K 1600 GT, the K 1600 B obtains its spectacular elusive line thanks to an entirely new design rear end. Not only does it give the bagger a particularly low and stretched look, but thanks to a new rear frame, it also gives the passenger a seat with a significantly reduced height..

Rearranged side cases and rear hinged mudguard to facilitate removal of the wheel.

The rearrangement of the side cases with a flatter cover and a lowered body allows luggage to be loaded comfortably and more efficiently. The rear fender can be raised to facilitate removal of the rear wheel.

High performance and effective protection against wind and weather.

Its fairing with the adjusted dynamic screen gives the K 1600 B a particularly imposing and powerful look. Below the aerodynamic deflectors, the fairing sides extend towards the rear to provide particularly effective protection against wind and bad weather. The hands are protected by wind deflectors. The two rear-view mirrors with large partly aspherical mirrors for an excellent view of the vehicles behind, also blend beautifully into the language of the forms of the motorcycle..

Electronic suspension ESA dynamic with automatic adjustment of damping as standard.

Equipped with the electronically adjustable ESA dynamic suspension and its “Road” and “Cruise” riding modes, the K 1600 B masterfully combines pleasure, directional stability and dynamic behavior and thus distills an incomparable experience on the handlebars. In standard “Road” mode, the damping adaptation is fully automated and offers maximum comfort and the best possible traction on almost any road surface. In “Cruise” mode, the K 1600 B, on the other hand, switches to a particularly gentle damping law which ensures very pronounced comfort at low speed..

ATreverse gear for easy maneuvering and Pro shifter for up and down gears without activating the clutch.

On the K 1600 B, maneuvering the motorcycle is relaxed thanks to the reverse gear assist. It is easy to activate from the left stalk. The motorcycle moves when the start button is pressed.

The optional shifter Pro allows up and down gears without intervening on the clutch; a large part of the gear changes can be carried out via this device.

Comfortable steps for a “feet forward” position and exclusive forged rims available as an option to customize your bike.

A wide range of Original BMW Accessories as well as options offered at the factory meet almost all the wishes of those who want to personalize the K 1600 B. These include, for example, the comfortable footboards for the passenger, elements which can also be also complete the pilot’s position allowing him to adopt a position "feet forward" particularly relaxed. New-look eleven split-spoke forged rims also enhance the exclusivity of the K 1600 B.

The highlights of the BMW K 1600 B at a glance:

– Six-cylinder in-line conforming to the provisions of the Euro 4 emission standard, output 118 kW (160 hp) at 7,750 rpm, maximum torque 175 Nm at 5,250 rpm.
– Bagger design with a decidedly slender aerodynamic silhouette and a low rear section.
– Low rear frame for reduced rear height of the motorcycle, reduced passenger seat height and typical bagger look.
– Rearranged fixed side cases, rear central cover and integrated American style optical assemblies.
– Chrome rear silencer parallel to the road with ribbed end caps.
– Hinged rear fender for easy removal of the wheel.
– Optimized wind and weather protection with aerodynamic deflectors and fairing sides extending far back.
– Short bagger-style screen, electrically adjustable.
– ESA dynamic electronically controlled suspension with automatic damping adjustment and standard “Road” and “Cruise” damping modes.
– Reverse assist to facilitate maneuvering of the motorcycle, optional ex works.
– Shifter Pro for up and down gears without actuating the clutch, optional ex works.
– Intelligent emergency call for quick help in case of accidents and emergencies, optional ex works (only in European markets suitable for ConnectedDrive functionality).

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    BMW K 1600 B 2021
    K 1600 B 2020

    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    about 200 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 5.70 l

The technical aspect

BMW K 1600 B 2021

  • Frame
  • Tank: 26 liters
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,618 mm
  • Weight in running order: 336 kg
  • Train before

BMW K 1600 B 2021

  • Transmission
  • secondary by cardan
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 1649 cc
    (72 x 67.5 mm)
  • 160
    at 7,750 rpm
  • 17.80 mkg
    at 5,250 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit



BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

BMW K 1600 B 2021

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