Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Clearly, nothing stops Erik Buell and his fertile imagination. After having served us his XB models with the size of 250 GP, here is that this creator of so singular motorcycles tries the adventure with a typical all-road model. The new XB 12 X Ulysses is a bit like the Ducati Multistrada Buell version.
To transform into Indiana Jones, the XB 12 records a lot of modifications, the most notable of which (apart from the aesthetics which is very sporty adventurer) is the increase in suspension travel. With its fierce XB-9SX look, slightly less drastic geometry, increased wheelbase and mixed tires, the Ulysses looks ready to tear up the trails as much as the tarmac..
The on-board technology remains that of the XB series, with its perimeter aluminum frame acting as a fuel tank (extended and offering 3 l more capacity), a swing arm (new and lighter) containing the oil, and an original Harley twin cylinder increased to 100 hp. The gearbox has been given a facelift, employing synchronization rings for smoother, faster operation. The new drive belt is stronger, and Erik even thought about the trip:
More comfortable, the XB 12 X is supposed to offer a natural and pleasant driving position as well as a passenger seat much more pampered than usual. There are also some options to go on holiday, such as a luggage kit (hey, hey, would Buell do us again with the S3T Thunderbolt Touring from 97?) And a GPS system..
Knowing the temperament of the Buells on the road, that should give something damn invigorating in this niche of big sports trails.

Trial :

Bbbbvvvvuuiiieeuuhhhhhh … that’s the music you will hear most often locking yourself in the streets of a city with the Ulysses. It’s not the V2 that’s making this noise; he takes care of the bass, varying the rhythm according to the mood of the pilot (even without, moreover … he cannot settle on a stable regime when we want to evolve smoothly). The big buzzing mosquito is simply the fan that takes care of evacuating the calories from the rear cylinder. it heats up – and quite quickly, the propeller is constantly rotating. Annoying. To turn around, watch out for the sidewalks on an avenue seen like that. Let’s stop kidding ourselves: the Buell does not do much to make us appreciate urbanism.
Hey …! With this profile of Alan Quaterman, what did you expect?!? Has a T-Max? Let’s put things in context – put away the city costume, put on the galurin, put on the cowboy boots and crack the leather. On the road to adventure, the Ulysses has obviously forgotten its vagaries of the agglomeration. Between you and the road, a team watches over for comfort: the suspensions are to match and the saddle as welcoming as it is foamy. The trip would promise to be spared the wrath of Olympus if the protection proved worthy of the name. Backpackers will need to invest in a larger piece of plexiglass.

While the companions pawn and Pénélope does a bit of sewing in the fold, it only takes a few well-placed laces and the hammering of the twin to succumb to the song of Ulysses’ sirens. In the bowels of the Buell, it’s a full and deep breath that invites you to do the andouille on the slightest special, uh, departmental a little virolous.

With the new gearbox, the selection of reports on the XB has made notable progress, moving from the status of fresh cement to that of a manly boot. This is not really a shame because we strive to take advantage of the twin’s effort range. Only 4000 trs, which seems much more so much the thrust is done in the effort and the torque. And as it is very flexible, we can spend a good part of the ride on 5th gear.

Agile and very good brakeman, it is in arsouille that the Ulysses will mark time, because of its flexible suspension. When seriously hitting the brakes in a turn, the forkhe dives and the scuff refuses to fit into the curve. Therefore, forced to let go of the lever to relieve the front and turn the wheel. Not great, and even frustrating because the XB chassis is an invitation to play. "on the teeth" and more thoughtfulness gives back all its effectiveness to the Ulysses. Remember to check the tires on this Buell: it seems that the original fitment causes a slight sway of the front axle beyond cruising speed on the motorway. And remember to keep a screwdriver in your pocket to adjust the damping; because the Ulysses does not succeed in being as versatile on all terrains and with all types of driving as a certain BMW in the same segment. Real efforts do not prevent this Buell from remaining a very distinctive machine and not necessarily for everyone – and this is precisely why their flavor has little to do with pasta or sushi..

(Text of the essay inspired by the article by T. Baujard
Moto-Journal n ° 1 680 – manufacturer photos

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    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    sup 200 km / h

  • Acceleration
    0 to 100: 4.50 s
  • Consumption
    medium: 6.80 l

The technical aspect

2006 Buell XB-12X Ulysses

  • Frame
  • Tank: 17 liters
  • Width: 892 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1370 mm
  • Dry weight: 193 kg
  • Weight in running order: 232 kg
  • Train before

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

  • Transmission
  • Secondary toothed belt transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 1,203 cc
    (88.9 x 96.8 mm)
  • 100
    at 6,600 rpm
  • 11 mkg
    at 6,000 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006


Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

Buell XB-12X Ulysses 2006

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