Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

Daelim is entering the sporty 125 niche with a pretty little machine. With an integral fairing and an aggressive fork crown, the Roadsport R makes us completely forget its Roadwin base. From the front, with its central air intake and large sharp eyes, this 125 hesitates between a facies of CBR 600 RR and that of the old Derbi GPR racing.

On the chassis side, the essentials were taken from the roadster: 35mm fork, perimeter steel frame, 280mm single-disc front brake – that’s a bit tight for sporty braking. Especially since the Roadsport accuses more than 160 kg dry on the scale. On the engine and equipment side, the Daelim is making up for it. The suspensions are better than on the Roadwin. The center stand has become so rare on sports cars that its presence is greatly appreciated. The dashboard is as fun as it is complete, with digital speed display, large tachometer, visualization of engine temperature and fuel gauge by segment, clock and trip kilometer.

Mechanically, the single cylinder has nothing to do with the roadster unit. Here, it is a modern high-performance boiler equipped with injection, liquid cooling, with double ACT, 4 valves and balancing arm. It behaves moreover like a sport engine: not very demonstrative at the bottom, it requires switching to high revs to prove its efficiency. The chassis actively follows the ardor of the driver-moulbif duo and the overall balance provides a lot of fun; which makes all the more regret the braking which is not up to the standard. The Roadsport can exceed 120 km / h, a frankly surprising speed given the weight of the machine. Finally, it should be noted that the protection is really satisfactory, which increases the versatility of this bike. More expensive than its direct competitor the Honda CBR 125 but more generously sized, it also crosses swords with the other star, the Yamaha YZF-R. The latter charges much more for its line and its technique. It remains for the Daelim to make a reputation in the segment.

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equipment :

2 rear-view mirrors – handlebar masses – separate passenger rider saddles – flashing of the headlight – tachometer – digital counter – trip recorder – watch – fuel gauge – engine temperature gauge – storage box – center stand – side stand – side stand safety – fairing integral – protective screen – O-ring chain – aluminum footrest plate – fuel cap quick opening with key – steering lock coupled to the switch – oil level on the crankcase

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    Max speed:
    about 125 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 3.80 l

The technical aspect

Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

  • Frame
  • Tank: 15 liters
  • Width: 778 mm
  • Height: 1180 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1390 mm
  • Dry weight: 162 kg
  • Train before

Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 124.10 cc
    (56.5 x 49.5 mm)
  • 15
    at 10,500 rpm
  • 1.20 mkg
    at 8,400 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007

Daelim 125 ROADSPORT R 2007


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