Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

Why Multistrada? Because Ducati claims a capacity for all types of roads, its trail boasts of offering 4 motorcycles in 1. Towards the sirens of urban, sport, tourism, and enduro. It is quite obvious that it could not compete with a GSX-R on the circuit or to roam like an EXC in a skirmish of stones..

But by touching everything, the machine is not stingy with surprises. Today, after several evolutions, it extends its history by improving a series of elements and by inflating its engine. The threat in the maxi-trail segment raises the tone with this 1260 Multistrada.

In the guts but not in style. Ducati was very cautious when it came to the visual retouching of its multi-map trail. A touch of firmness for the fairing panels, a retouched profile for the rims – lighter at 340 gr, a ‘Testastretta DVT’ plate inserted on the front belt cover, revised saddles (that of the passenger still adjustable to two heights) , a new license plate holder and rear LED indicators. The redesign is done. We will be able to discover what justifies the change of noun.

Everything seems to be gone during these evenings where the wine loosens languages ​​too much. Jealousy exists everywhere, and often in the heart of the village. And when the trail saw that the ‘different’ cousin XDiavel had a bigger engine than her, it smoked during the Sunday meeting. Before the MTS had an angry colic, the engine manufacturers calmed the rivalry while stoking the connecting rods. The Testastretta twin-cylinder retains its DVT variable valve timing, increases the piston stroke from 67.9 to 71.5 mm and reaches a cubic capacity of 1262 cm3, the same dimensions as the cruiser’s block. But it’s not an ego story. This is mainly to fill the torque curve. From now on, on the maximum of 13.2 mkg, we have 85% of it available from 3500 rpm. At 5500 rpm, it is 18% of rab compared to the previous 1200.
It pays to have to change the cylinders, connecting rods and crankshaft. And as you might expect, watts are on the rise, with a value inflated to 116.2 kW at 9500 rpm, or 158 horsepower..

Hold on… Something is wrong. How can the twin 1260 be more powerful with 158 horsepower when the 1200 spit out 160 hp not so long ago ?!?
Yes but no. Let’s try to keep it simple with the salad of measuring systems of yesterday and today. When the Multistrada’s engine adopted DVT, Ducati was measuring horsepower on a dynamic test bench. And that gave 160 horsepower. Recently, the measurement policy has changed and data is taken from a static bench. For the same engine, this drops performance to 152 units. Block 1260 undergoes the same type of measurement to reveal its 158 horsepower, which is ultimately more than the old mill but not with the same rules.
Let’s go back to the mechanics itself to find out what else has changed. A different breath is only conditioned with various adaptations on the input and output sides. The air intakes have been redesigned, as has the exhaust, its manifold, and we finish with new silencers; visually very close to the old ones.

As you can imagine, there is a large technological arsenal on board, enriched and re-calibrated. But first, let’s not forget the essential. What holds the grindstone. The real link between the wheels. A part-cycle. Always quality at Ducati, with a beautiful single-sided arm, an inverted 48 mm fork – soft, and fully adjustable, like the shock absorber -, 17-inch rims and a tubular steel trellis frame. Slightly reworked, with a column angle increased by one degree (from 24 to 25), a 48mm longer swingarm and a 55mm longer wheelbase. The Multistrada 1260 should gain in stability there, especially in the curves. If you want to slow it down, the braking remains of the same caliber as on the old one, so not bad, with 4-piston radial monobloc Brembo for 320 mm tracks. For the front; the rear will be satisfied with a 265 mm disc and a double piston caliper. In order to control this, a radial master cylinder, hoses, DOT, sensors, wires, an inertial unit are present. And it’s now that electronics unveils its big portfolio of activity.

Before, you used to brake and watch out. Yesterday, you were still braking but the ABS sometimes (often?) Avoided the bowl. Today, it is the algorithms that slow down. With Bosch 9.1ME Cornering ABS, brake distribution, anti-lock brakes and anti-slip on the rear wheel vary depending on the angle taken by the motorcycle and the riding mode selected. What end up with the choice of total security, a certain permissiveness or selective freedom. More details in the section on Riding Modes at the end..
So much dogma in its Riding Modes, which allow you to select the mood and responsiveness of the bike at your leisure. Sport – Touring – Urban – Enduro. Each adapting the different audience to simplify the selection. Who are they ? Traction control, with 8 levels of interference. Anti-wheeling, also at 8 levels. Power modes. ABS, with 3 intervention laws. No shifter in series but a cruise control, automatic canceling indicators, hands-free starting and a hill start assistant, Vehicle Hold Control (VHC). This system, inaugurated by the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, blocks the rear wheel to make it easier for you to restart. Ducati likes to stuff its machines with technical added value. An anecdote to further underline the work of computer-motorists?!? The engine brake reacts differently depending on the gear ratio engaged.

The Multistrada informs of its dynamics via a revamped LCD screen. We would have liked a little color, but the brand from Bologna encourages premium for that. The S version tackles mainly technological refinement: full LED lights, TFT dashboard, shifter, electronic suspensions, adaptive headlight in bends and stronger braking.

With its new twin of 1262 cm3, the Multistrada does not change shape or substance, but is seriously strengthened in engine availability. One of the most powerful trails on the market, the ground-road-path-nag missile can be used to meet expectations as best as possible. Depending on your inclinations and your investment capacity, the 1260 Multistrada is available in standard, S, S D-air and Pikes Peak versions..

Driving Modes:

Sport Mode – 158 horsepower and 13 m / kg torque associated with low traction control (DTC) and anti-wheeling (DWC) intervention, and level 2 ABS adjustment. The combination of rear anti-dribble and curve ABS is optimal for experienced riders who wish to test their limits.

Touring mode – 158 hp delivered in a smoother and less direct way in terms of response to the accelerator. Active safety is enhanced by higher sensitivity levels of DTC and DWC, in order to maintain stability. The ABS is set to intervention level 3, ideal for Touring, which allows the rear wheel anti-slip and ABS Cornering to be triggered, while optimizing the combined effect of the front / rear braking.

Urban Fashion – Power is reduced to 100 hp. DTC and DWC are set to a high level for maximum safety on imperfect city roads. ABS is set to level 3.

Enduro mode – allows the engine power to be adjusted to a maximum of 100 hp, with off-road orientation. DTC and DWC are low and ABS is set to level 1, which is suitable for off-road use on low-grip surfaces: rear wheel anti-slip detection is off, cornering detection is off and ABS only acts on the front wheel.

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    Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018
    1200 Multistrada DVT 2017

    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    about 240 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 5.20 l

The technical aspect

Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

  • Frame
  • Tank: 20 liters
  • Wheelbase: 1,585 mm
  • Dry weight: 209 kg
  • Weight in running order: 232 kg
  • Train before

Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

  • Transmission
  • secondary by chain
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 1 262 cc
    (106 x 71.5 mm)
  • 158
    at 9,500 rpm
  • 13.20 mkg
    at 7,500 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018


Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

Ducati 1260 Multistrada 2018

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