Ducati 620 SS 2003

The 600 SS had disappeared in 1998, leaving the 750 to introduce the charm of Italian sport to neophytes. Fortunately, 4 years later, the little sportswoman from Bologna is reborn from its ashes with the engine of the 620 Monster. New machine for access to Ducati’s SuperSport range, it claims the same virtues as its sisters.

But 60 hp, is that enough for young wolves ?
To grapple with a toad position all day without being able to get drunk at the first stroke of nerves, not obvious … The Italian has little regard for the comfort of the pilot. Stretched out on the tank, legs tucked into its sides, the urban environment looks hostile. Especially since the controls hardly relieve wrists already strained by the driving position. The hydraulic clutch will quickly muscle your left arm when the right thickens on contact with the throttle. The ordeal of Slalom at low speeds in town is hardly facilitated by the large turning radius. But the horizon is finally clearing up. Forests of apartment buildings give way to a long strip of asphalt that winds through the countryside. Immediately, the position seems more natural. If, in town, the engine knows how to be relatively flexible for its displacement, it is above 6,500 rpm that it is best expressed. Now it only moves between 7,000 and 9,000 rpm, without respite. Well served by a soft box (but sometimes imprecise), he shows a courage that honors him to take a chassis largely up to the task. A few more horses would not make it bow down, and for good reason: the chassis is common to the 800 Sport. But the Ducati soul is there.

Despite its 198 kg all full, the bike is lively, precise entering a curve, stable in the middle. His favorite pastime: to string together the virolos, to favor the speed of passage in curves. However, we would like to take advantage of a rounder mill to get out of the bends, a bit like the 650 of the Suzuki SVS, while retaining the character specific to the desmo twin. As for the front brake with double disc 320mm in diameter, it is more than enough to stop the enthusiasm of the small twin. Biting, powerful, only the progressiveness is lacking. Protection is not the strong point of this little sportswoman.
Certainly, only the sporting orientation prevailed in the design of this Ducati. Still, the engine would cope well enough with mixed use, but the exclusive chassis is a constant reminder of its purpose. At 8,000 €, it is worth 1000 more than the very accessible and renewed SV 650 S. But the character of the small twin betrays the noble origins of this endearing sports car..

(inspired by Moto-journal – manufacturer photos)

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    Max speed:
    205 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 6.50 l

The technical aspect

Ducati 620 SS 2003

  • Frame
  • Tank: 16 liters
  • Wheelbase: 1,405 mm
  • Dry weight: 182 kg
  • Weight in running order: 198 kg
  • Train before

Ducati 620 SS 2003

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 618 cc
    (80 x 61.5 mm)
  • 60
    at 9,500 rpm
  • 5.40 mkg
    at 6,750 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Ducati 620 SS 2003


Ducati 620 SS 2003

Ducati 620 SS 2003

Ducati 620 SS 2003

Ducati 620 SS 2003

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