Ducati 996 R 2001

This Ducati doesn’t just replace the 996 SPS. It is the shadow of the Superbike machine that a glance is enough to revive. Between the two machines, few and many differences at the same time. The equipment is always sumptuous, with elements Öhlins everywhere (fork, rear shock absorber and the steering one), a new and surprising Brembo braking, and carbon galore.

Fairing, exhaust, single arms, air box, mudguards (and so on) are made of this noble material. What we will remember the most is the change to 998 cm3 of the engine and its new ratings. The Bologna engineers increased the bore and reduced the stroke of the pistons. Bigger and more closely placed valves, re-designed pipes and combustion chambers, a new electronic control unit … the long list of mods prove that the engine manufacturers have not been idle. Advertised as more reliable, the mill gains nearly 10% more power. And the whole bike has lost no less than 7 kilos since the SPS.
To recognize this 996 R, only a trained eye will notice the disappearance of orïside es. Approaching it is already emotionally invigorating – imagine the grip. You do not get on a motorcycle but a jewel crowned with victories. From the Superbike to the 996 R, there is little more than the indicators and the plate to differentiate them. This is all the magic of Ducati: to offer the spirit and taste of competition to its production machines. Once embedded in the machine, expect great moments, physical and emotional. Discomfort reigns, the position is trying … Quick, elbow grease. On the attack, (for which it was born), it must be entered with force in the turn. We can then take full advantage of its very precise and very efficient front axle. The chassis follows without moving an eyelash from its trajectory.

A good spin of the gas handle and the twin gives unrestrained. After 6,000 trs, it moves into beautiful vocalizations. The machine is catapulted in an overpowering effort that only the breaker comes to calm; and we reach it quickly !
To calm this ardor, the Brembo are remarkable in power but above all, it is no longer necessary to have hydraulic jacks in place of the right hand. Feeling, efficiency, tact … Purists can rest assured: you always need a good grip for the clutch.
By becoming R, the 996 evolves and wins on all fronts. It remains an unreasonable, uncomfortable, rigorous and demanding machine, available in only 350 copies. Passion and pleasure sweep it all away. She’s one of the few machines that can make men demented.

(inspired by Moto-journal – internet photos)

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    Ducati 996 R 2001
    996 SPS 2000

    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    281 km / h

  • Consumption
    medium: 5.90 l

The technical aspect

Ducati 996 R 2001

  • Frame
  • Tank: 17 liters
  • Wheelbase: 1,410 mm
  • Dry weight: 185 kg
  • Train before

Ducati 996 R 2001

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 998 cc
    (100 x 63.5 mm)
  • 135
    at 10,200 rpm
  • 10.70 mkg
    at 8000 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001


Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

Ducati 996 R 2001

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