Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Remove the stickers, replace the inverted fork with a standard model, and it will be practically indistinguishable from a first generation SV from this new Comet 650. For its first mid-capacity roadster, Hyosung has taken as a model a sure value of the market without taking the risk of originality.

Same type of frame (steel, aluminum on the SV) in tubular structure, same type of V-twin engine, and same aesthetic; it’s pure copy and paste. Engine power is advertised for 80 hp, or 10 better than the SV when it came out in 99. From then on, the swingarm seems a little thin to contain the watts. The front axle is more serious, even oversized. An inverted fork and large diameter brake discs. The differences are more pronounced once in the saddle. This has the merit of being lower than that of the SV (- 20 mm). The bust is more forward, causing a plunging stature instilled by the handlebars. Before setting off, the sight of the dashboard causes a slight leap into the past. As much that of the last generation SV looks like an ultra-complete GSM-computer, as that of the Comet looks like two drops of water like the Suzuki Bandits of the last century. A single daily trip, no digital, simple meters and perfect readability. If we take a closer look at the owner, we will see that Hyosung offers a quality product. No big savings on paint, parts, or tires: very efficient Pirelli Diablo. Despite these, the Comet reveals its first weakness compared to the SV: a certain heaviness in the direction, when one evolves at reduced speed. The box locks less well than the Japanese one.

Fewer complaints for the very young twin; it is as flexible as its counterpart, perhaps a little less vigorous until mid-range but full and powerful beyond. In the curves, will the Comet be as pleasing? The answer is unequivocal. It holds the floor without problems, even allowing itself to be more stable than an SV in the virolos swallowed at good speed. Certain comfort, but nothing more; Good braking quality, both powerful and progressive; Definitely, this Hyosung is very endearing. The only real flaw of this roadster is the brand image, which is not yet forged. If the machine shows great reliability, the future of the Korean brand in the motorcycle market can be seen serene. Where it will hurt is with this shock argument: this new imp roadster will cost 700 € less than its inspirer.

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    Max speed:
    210 km / h

  • Acceleration
    0 to 100: 4.30 s
  • Consumption
    medium: 5.50 l

The technical aspect

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

  • Frame
  • Tank: 17 liters
  • Width: 760 mm
  • Height: 1120 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,435 mm
  • Dry weight: 180 kg
  • Train before

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

  • Transmission
  • Secondary chain transmission
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 650 cc
    (81.5 x 62 mm)
  • 80
    at 9000 rpm
  • 6.90 mkg
    at 7,500 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004


Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

Hyosung COMET 650 2004

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