Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Line "Z" of Kawasaki is listed in the motorcycle hall of fame. The epic began in 1973, with the release of the legendary Z900 Z1. Heralding a new era and a phenomenal commercial success, it was the very first large 4-cylinder 4-stroke of the brand..

The heyday of the line was of course made with the unmissable Kawasaki Z750. The best-selling model in France for five consecutive years, the recipe for its success was simple. A big mouth, a big engine, and a displacement "bastard" between 600 cm3 and 1000 cm3. Yes but here it is, since the advent of the Z750 in 2012, water has flowed under the bridges, taking with it the displacement references and the supremacy of the lineage.

The Z raises its head and conveys the torso, its design speaks for itself. Less picked up on the front, it seems to stand up proudly, invigorated by real developments. The heaviness is no longer legion, its line is fine and athletic. The shapes and their reliefs are very elaborate. The whole is both curved and sharp. Design has always been the major asset of "Z". Then it takes the crescent shape of the optics of its predecessor, which notably allowed it to sell like hot cakes … The rump is slender and very airy. Placed high, it shines and attracts the eye thanks to the design of its rear lights, illuminated by LEDs forming a "Z". The counter is also a real success. There is a gear indicator engaged, three display modes, a shiftlight and the usual Kawasaki eco-driving indicator. A digital hand indicates the speed on an analog barometer of the most beautiful effect.

The big evolution, not to say revolution, is the adoption of a tubular trellis frame. This structure surprised more than one, the first time that Kawa ‘used it on its sulphurous H2R. It seems that the development costs were not in vain (cousin Z650 also endorses it). This frame allows a significant weight gain. The frame weighs only 13.5 kilos and announces a much more rigid and rigorous chassis. It is supported by a new slender and basic swingarm, also lighter (3.9kg), as well as a good diameter fork, which retains its dimensions of 41 mm. (Like the Z1000 and Z800 before it).

In addition, the driving position is evolving towards less sportiness. Previously very worn on the front, the new flat and open handlebars, as well as the saddle / footrest / handlebar triangle, bring the torso back to the rear. Which is good news for our wrists as well as for handling. The rear part of the tank has been refined and also benefits him. The legs will be less apart, this will also allow the little ones among us to put our feet on the ground, helped by a saddle lowered to 795 mm.

So what about the motorization? Well, we have taken a new step. Forget the rule of displacement "bastards" offering a compromise between 600 and 1000cm3. The time is no longer for compromise! It is therefore natural that the Z900 takes the basics of its big sister Z1000, reducing it to 948 cm3. Small anecdote, the block of this average Z offers almost the same displacement as the first Z 1000 of 2003 (948cc / 953 cc) and barely 2 horses less. Today, between the Z 900 and the 1000, the gap has taken on another meaning. To her elder, she offers 142 horses for 221 kilos, and for her 125 foals for 210 kilos. This is quite honorable, because despite its engine capacity, it is not intended to go against the sharpest 1000 roadsters on the market (BMW S1000R, MT-10 and company). This task falls to the "Z 1000", who for now (2017) … is being seriously molested. But that is not the question, she is fighting against the dissident MT-09 and her three-cylinder supercharged. The sound has been reworked to make it more intimidating, but also more captivating for the ears of its driver. The entry of the airbox having been mischievously turned towards the pilot. Enough to enjoy the symphony of the four-way organ in peace !

Z’s have never been a benchmark for dynamism. Willing but clumsy, the heaviness of their chassis required investment to be taken at a good pace. And the house didn’t give credit, if you didn’t put your money into it they were devilishly numb. This was also the case for the replacement for the 750, the Z800. Besides a very good bike, we cannot say that this passing of the torch was a sparkling success. The exchange of witnesses was done without any real skill, the Greens having dozed off a little on this relay. But the hour of the siesta is over, long live necromancy, here is the awakening of an antediluvian surname, with the new Z900 !

Update of November 19, 2017:
After a nice commercial start in 2017, the young career of the Kawazaki Z900 was marred by a recall campaign launched by the Japanese manufacturer. In question, a concern on the fixing of the shock absorber. Dixit Kawa: “On 2017 Z900 (ZR900B) and some 2018 models, the shock link mounting holes on the frame may become oval if the rear shock abuts abnormally. To remedy this problem, a recall campaign was launched to check the frame and add strut reinforcements. In rare cases, the frame will need to be replaced. “

Serial number range of affected machines:
ZR900BH: JKAZR900BBDA00111 to JKAZR900BBDA27835
ZR900BJ: JKAZR900BBA000002 to JKAZR900BBA001413
ZR900AH: JKAZR2A1? HDA11391 to JKAZR2A1? HDA25359
ZR900BH: JKAZR2B1? HDA01161 to JKAZR2B1? HDA27203
ZR900BH: JKAZR900BHDA11701 to JKAZR900BHDA27428
ZR900BJ: JKAZR2B1? JA000017 to JKAZR2B1? JA001415

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    Kawasaki Z 900 2017
    Z 800 2016

    Model marketed in



    Max speed:
    about 220 km / h

The technical aspect

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

  • Frame
  • Tank: 17 liters
  • Width: 820 mm
  • Height: 1,065 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,450 mm
  • Operating weight: 210 kg
  • Train before

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

  • Transmission
  • secondary by chain
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 948 cc
    (73.4 x 56 mm)
  • 125
    at 9,500 rpm
  • 10 mkg
    at 7,700 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit


Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017


Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

Kawasaki Z 900 2017

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