KTM SMC 690 2009

Ready to Race, that’s a slogan that can be found throughout the KTM catalog. A concept that fits perfectly with the bike I’m discovering, aligned with its S.M. sisters in the importer’s garage ….

The road is not an S.M circuit.

By Olivier Quinten Exclusive to Motoplanete

This little sentence runs through my mind, yes, the so healthy behavior of this 690, the measured and usable power makes you want to spot all the roundabouts, industrial areas and all the bendy roads for draw your daily circuit there.

Let’s come to the origins of this SMC.
Compared to its two sisters equipped with the same engine (690 SM and Duke), the chassis of this beast is very different and directly derived from the enduro model. This is easily noticed thanks to the path taken by the muffler, which, rather than going under the machine, runs alongside the engine on the right.
When you get on the 690, the overall lightness is spectacular (you’re surprised!): With a weight of 139 kg, the forward position is more focused "attack" and a set of saddle and fine tank (capacity of 12 l) the race atmosphere is on the program.

So let’s compare !

In 2003, the SMC was nothing more or less than a state-of-the-art enduro equipped with S.M. rims and tires, a big front brake, a suspension setting, and that’s it..
Ha yes, a little equipment "Street-legal" as well !
On the other hand, no comfort: a moped headlight, no starter and even no ignition key. !
The 690 version 2008, at this level, almost passes for a GT: a complete dashboard of the same model as the rest of the range, a saddle comfortable enough for this type of motorcycle, which in any case is not called to make long distances, and above all, an astonishing smoothness of piloting. Throttle grip, clutch, gearbox travel, etc..
Small problem for the gearbox of my test bike (certainly battered by a plethora of journalists on the track, given the wear and tear of the footrests!), The gears needed to be properly locked. Otherwise, the gearbox gave me a few very annoying dead spots when sliding out of a roundabout ….
Other than that it’s more my level of "piloting" which was caught out during this test ….

Come on, hop, a little quiet stroll !

Appointment made at my brother’s, the two S.M.Cs are side by side: the raw aspect of the 2003 contrasts with the modernity of the 2009.

Funny detail, the chain sprocket is on the left on the 2003. On the other hand, the size of the front disc of 320 mm is the same for both models, as indeed, the dimensions of the tires (front: 120 / 70- 17 and rear: 160 / 60-17).
The saddle height of the old one rises a few centimeters above the 900 mm of that of the 2009. Do not count on the sagging suspension of the 660 to lower this height.
A little kick from the 690 starter and straight away a very nice poum poum comes out of the single pot while my brother deals with the kick of the 660 (boots compulsory !!!).
When his engine finally deigns to start, the sound of the Akrapovich line equipping his motorbike covers the soft purring of mine.
We adjust gloves, glasses, underpants and let’s go for 150 sports terminals.
The 63 hp / Din and the 139kg of the 690 enjoy offering all their power.
It pushes down. Until then, it is rather normal for a mono, but what is surprising is the power at the top (red zone at 8,000rpm) the engine loves high speeds!
The battle is total. The anti-dribble clutch allows me to initiate a few small slips when braking.
Damned, can’t let go of the bro.
At first glance, the 2003 equipped with the pot line pushes more than the 690, on the other hand, given its condition at the first stop (it did not have much left to dry), the 690 pampers its driver more, even if I also, I am rather out of breath!
And to think that my wife always says that the motorcycle is not sport!
Well, by dint of putting it back on, I almost got into it: chaining a pif bang, I started a big braking in sliding, finally in light sliding.
Concern, I arrive on a small bridge, another concern, I am not online at "lift-off". So here I am, up in the air, across and with a tiny little road as a landing strip. It was said to be beautiful to see! In contact with the ground, the bike sags and sends me butt in the air, on the way back, obviously, I miss the footrests and I have therefore only been able to rely on my waltzes to absorb the shock (since , I sing a higher tone!). Fortunately, after a few zigs-zags the bike got back in line.
I was hot !
At the same time, I was able to realize that the handlebars quickly come to a stop, the turning radius is not its strong point..
If I tell you about this episode, it is to remind everyone that, despite our obvious "skills" (we are modest in the family!), the road is of course not a circuit and that, even when riding a very competitive machine, you should never forget the surprise factor (and not the factor surprise! lol).


Once again, KTM shows us its experience in S.M. while reminding me of my lack of experience in the same SM !!!


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    Max speed:
    sup 190 km / h

The technical aspect

KTM SMC 690 2009

  • Frame
  • Tank: 12 liters
  • Wheelbase: 1,480 mm
  • Dry weight: 140 kg
  • Train before

KTM SMC 690 2009

  • Transmission
  • Final chain drive
  • Rear axle
  • Engine
  • 654 cc
    (102 x 80 mm)
  • 63
    at 7,500 rpm
  • 6.40 mkg
    at 6,000 rpm

Detached pieces


chain kit



KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

KTM SMC 690 2009

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