MotoAirbag vZero vest test


A wired airbag certified to EN1621 / 4: 2013 level 2, which slips on like a backpack

€ 389 safety equipment tested at the Nürburgring

Stop injustice! Because no, we are not all equal and that is deeply unfair !

Take, for example: take our esteemed colleagues from the site to test cafes, it’s very simple, they have a machine delivered to the office and it works. It flows, even! As for our eminent colleagues from the site, they have perfume delivered to their homes, they put it everywhere and afterwards they can talk about it..

While we, poor motorcycle journalists (or auto, for that matter: have you ever seen Dominique Chapatte hit a wall in Turbo to verify that his new 5-star Euro-NCAP car that he left to test at the end of the world, she deserves them, her 5 stars?), life is more complicated. Because when David, our heavenly windsurfing board and our master, says to me: "Hey coco (he talks like that, David), you are going to try on an airbag vest. Go on, please, I want your text for last night. And you’re not arguing! ".

The vest slips on like a backpack

Easy to install

Before I wonder what I was going to be able to do with that poor airbag vest and above all, what obstacle I was going to be able to throw myself into to try to trigger it, let’s take a look at this MotoAirbag.

The vZero constitutes the access model of the MotoAirbag offer and is presented, to put it rather prosaically, like a backpack: put your arms in the shoulder straps, tighten the waist strap and afterwards, it is almost forgotten, because it weighs only 800 grams and its adjustment straps (the vZero is one size) allow it to sit over jackets in a range of sizes from S to XXXL. What should not be forgotten, on the other hand, is to hook the pin to an element of the motorcycle, since the MotoAirbag vZero is wired..

The build quality seems good, with its outer coating in Cordura 500 lined with reflective inserts.

The vest is easily adjustable, even over a leather suit

A nice driving session then took shape, which, although it was quite bucolic, was nonetheless devoid of risks: a few laps of the famous and dreaded northern loop of the Nürburgring circuit on the handlebars of a 200 horsepower missile, a Yamaha YZF-R1. The advantage of the Nürburgring is that the prospects for a frontal impact are still reduced: also, the technology of wired airbags making their triggering a little longer than those which are radio-piloted or equipped with a gyroscopic sensor, this technology is less disabling in these circumstances. Another advantage: at the Nürburgring, the rails are never very far and you always go out a bit fast, because in fact there are only 3 or 4 slow corners, the rest being rather made up of fast rows. Suddenly, with its opening speed of 80 to 85 milliseconds, according to the manufacturer and its capacity of 15 liters, it constitutes a very appreciable surplus of protection in these circumstances. Initially EN1621 / 2 approved when it was launched in 2010, it is now EN1621 / 4: 2013 level 2 certified for back, neck and tailbone protection.

Do not forget to hang the wire on the motorcycle

Transparent, at 300 km / h like the knee on the ground

It’s not always easy, life in a leather suit. It’s stylish, but it’s a little safer: the shoulders tight, the bump in the back, the curved arms, preformed to the speed-seeking position: despite this, the MotoAirbag vZero vest is easy to install and fits perfectly. . I pass the pin through the strap of the passenger seat and off we go. The lanyard measures approximately 50 centimeters, extended to the maximum.

The long one measures 50 cm to trigger the airbag only in the event of a fall

The Nürburgring is not a traditional circuit in the sense that you do not spend your time being hyper swaying on one side, then being hyper swaying on the other and that, every ten seconds. However, we still work a lot on the handlebars, because of the relief, the drop, the crumpled asphalt and the speeds reached, which are often high. And whether in the pif-paf, on the concrete plates of Karrussel or at 300 km / h in the straight line of the pits, the MotoAirbag vZero vest has never been felt or constituted the slightest discomfort: in d ‘in other words, it is a perfectly transparent guardian angel.

When driving, the vZero knows how to be discreet

This is what we can say about it. For a more in-depth test, if you know of a voluntary wall, send their CV to the editorial staff, we will study it carefully..

Strong points

  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t feel even with sustained rolling
  • Easy adjustment even on a leather suit

Weak points

  • The limits of wired technology (tripping time)

The technical sheet of the MotoAirbag vZero vest

  • Airbag certified to EN1621 / 4: 2013 level 2 for the protection of the back, neck and tailbone
  • Residual force after impact: 1.4 kN
  • Trigger time: 80/85 milliseconds
  • Total airbag volume: 15 liters
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Rechargeable
  • Colors: gray, fluorescent yellow, camouflage
  • Price: 380 €

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: a few laps of the Nüburgring circuit in a Yamaha R1
  • Problem encountered: I did not find the courage to go and trigger it voluntarily…
  • All about airbags
  • All equipment tests
  • Find the airbags in our list of manufacturers

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8 thoughts on “MotoAirbag vZero vest test

  1. Quotefueg31

    I went on a motorcycle outing one day, on a Sunday, in the middle of the black mountains, we made 220 terminals, we plugged in the motorcycles 4 times for a short break in bistros, it was fun, and that s ‘went well. (get stranded with a thermal in the middle of the mountains … let’s laugh wink

    Connect the motorcycle FOUR times in just 220km….

    (Or it’s 4 motorcycles …)

    Perfect illustration.

    I have already left aside the recent motorcycles which barely do 200km before having to refuel.

    As for vibrations which are a nuisance (sic!), We really do not have the same expectations of a motorcycle.

  2. Thanks for your comments; Indeed, Lorenzo, I played him a little weak on this test to smile

    Olivier, the non-impact trigger recharge kit (which I don’t think should happen, but hey), starts at € 30. I tested the distance of the R1 without removing the pin, it was not enough to trigger it, fortunately.

    The complete overhaul after impact is done by the factory, starting from 250 €.


  3. Funny in the video, the brand is "Zero" (or Zero motorcycles) but not "motorcycles" 🙂

    On the other hand, for a motorcycle so advanced, it is surprising the absence of a transponder key.

  4. And how to explain that in the State this motorcycle is worth 4000 euros less ?

    There is not 4000 euros of transport costs for each machine.

  5. Hi everyone,

    I have mine since July 2017, 10000km, we are in February and I am RAVI.

    In terms of driving, it is incredibly comfortable, the bike glides on the road like a snowboard on powder. We have the feeling of floating above the asphalt.

    The acceleration is frank and silent, only the noise of the wind in your helmet will annoy you, as on all bikes..

    Some will say that the silence is dangerous, I compensate with the horn if necessary, without pissing off the whole town by giving gas shots.

    Personally, I set my acceleration to 70% of the maximum power, it is more than enough to blow a Tmax or an electric scooter from BMW when starting. I put the regeneration engine brake to 100%, so I only use the brakes a little.

    Level of real autonomy, I can really do 250km in town even more, in the beginnings I made 260 terminal in one day in Paris and I still had 30km of autonomy, on average I do about 160km on mixed roads (quays de Seine, A86, ville) for info, I am 1m88 and 86kg, someone smaller and lighter will do more.

    With my girlfriend behind (140kg to the two of us) I can do 110km of highway driving at around 120.

    I drive every day, Nanterre – Antony, 46 km round trip, pulling a lot in it, (a city part at 60 km / h, a mixed part at 90 and a motorway part at 120-140) I consume about 30%, 35% in winter (the batteries hold 10 or even 15% less once below 10C °)

    I go home and plug it into the mains, it is full in 3 hours (about 10% per busy hour). I never ran out of fuel when it happened to me 4 times in two years with my mp3 500.

    After that, you won’t be hiking in Switzerland with it, but an afternoon in the Chevreuse valley, no worries..

    Level of cost of use is unbeatable. 0 € maintenance in 10,000 km traveled. The brakes are not used too much, the tires wear out normally, the belt changes every 60,000 km, I’m still wide.

    Electricity level, I do about 1600km per month, it costs me about 18 €.

    In terms of insurance, at AMV there is -50% for electric vehicles. My zero is considered a 125, although it has the acceleration of a 700 and 142kmh of max speed. At all risk I am at 40 € / month.

    Do the calculation 0 + € 18 + € 40 = € 58 / month of use. Cheaper than a Navigo pass.

    My mp3 500 cost me 70 € of maintenance + 120 of gasoline + 45 € of third party insurance! = 235 €! / Month.

    Here it is, I can only recommend it to you.

    This is the best investment I made in 2017 and the new model is even better wink

    Try it you will see for yourself.

  6. 110 km driving at 120 km / h? Personally, even new, lying on the handlebars, I never made it.

    Count a hundred terminals, at 90 km / h, maximum.

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