09-13 Italy – Misano – WorldSSP Italy: Caricasulo wins in turn at Misano – Used YAMAHA


WorldSSP Italy: Caricasulo wins at Misano

09-13 Italy - Misano - WorldSSP Italy: Caricasulo wins in turn at Misano - Used YAMAHA

Deprived of victory at Imola by Jules ” Catenacio ” Cluzel, the fast and enduring Federico Caricasulo took his revenge this midday at Misano! No.64 Yamaha official takes his first 2018 victory ahead of De Rosa on MV Agusta.

Cluzel finished at the foot of the podium and Cortese … Perolari finished 12th, Mahias on the ground.

First race of the day is go !!! gets underway!

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Departure : Fourth fastest time in the Superpole Supersport, Raffaele de Rosa got off to a great start with his MV Agusta n ° 3. He is nevertheless preceded by two pilots who started from the first row on their Yamaha n ° 16 and 64: Jules Cluzel and the pole-sitter Federico Carricasulo….

"Our" reigning world champion Lucas Mahias installs his R6 n0144 in fourth place ahead of Hikari Okubo on his Kawasaki n ° 78, Randy Krummenacher on his Yam n ° 21, the "wildcard" Stephano Valtulini on a Ninja n ° 43, Sandro Cortese (Yamaha # 11), Anthony West (Kawasaki # 13), Kyle Smith (Honda # 111). Corentin Perolari (Yamaha GMT … n ° 6!) Is 14th.

Mahias tries to pass De Rosa in the first chicane of the 2nd lap but changes his mind and prefers to pass under heavy braking by Quercia. The Italian retaliates in the double right Tramonto. Lucas then wanted to resist on the outside, but the lack of off-line grip earned him a nasty high-side! Hard.

In front, our world champion’s teammate keeps the pressure on Cluzel: Caricasulo goes on the offensive at the start of the 4th lap by overtaking "Julo" in the chicane, opening the door to his compatriot De Rosa! Our "Coq Supersportif" is third.

The two leading Italians escape in the following lap, leaving Cluzel to manage alone the return of Cortese who brings in his wake the impressive Valtulini! A few pitches further on, Krummenacher and West run. Smith, Okubo and Gradinger close the Top 10. Pelorali is 12th.

Cluzel was sidelined from the podium in the 6th round by his great rival in the championship, Cortese. Much faster than Jules, Sandro has the pace to pick up De Rosa. Caricasulo on the other hand, signs a new lap record and seems able to isolate himself in the lead…

Valtulini whips his ZX-6R. A little too much: the Ninja struggles with braking as with acceleration! The hot Italian n ° 43 even failed to crash at the end of the 7th lap! Too messy, Valtulini therefore lost contact with the very clean Cluzel and found himself just in front of Krummenacher … Six seconds ahead, Caricasulo had a small lead over De Rosa and Cortese. But Sandro beats Federico’s benchmark time !

The entertaining Valtulini unfortunately ended up crashing, giving Krummenacher his superb fifth place. The Swiss rider was three seconds behind Cluzel, who was racing alone, himself three seconds behind Cortese. The halfway mark is crossed…

The gap between the two leading Italians varies slightly, never going beyond the second …. Caricasulo seems to be in control, speeding up just enough every time De Rosa gets too close. Unless Rafaelle applies to keep the pressure on Federico, at a distance ?

Cortese stalls at a small second from the officials Yamaha n ° 64 and MV Agusta n ° 3. His recovery has undoubtedly worn his tires and the very last laps will be difficult for the German driver. This is good news for Cluzel, still fourth, who could drop only 3 points in the championship.

The end of the race was also very calm for our favorite n ° 16: dropped by the three men on the podium, he was six good seconds ahead of "Krummenator". West was put under pressure by Smith at the very end of the race. Gabellini, Okubo and Badovini fight for the last places of the Top 10.

As fast as he was tough, Federico Caricasulo won a brilliant victory in front of his fans. A great revenge for the one who had failed to break the Cluzel lock two months ago in Imola. The No. 64 Yamaha official takes advantage of his 25 points to join the other three winners this season in the provisional…

The Italian public warmly greeted Raffaele de Rosa who also recorded his best result in 2018. Fifth in the championship before arriving in Misano, the MV Agusta driver lost a place … but was tied on points with Mahias and a small Caricasulo point !

Sandro Cortese accompanies the two Italians on their podium and scores three points more than his opponent Jules Cluzel (fourth today). On the eve of a summer vacation – two months without a race! -, the German pilot totals 138 points, against 133 for our compatriot. Next point distribution, September 16 in Portimao (Portugal).

To conclude, Site would like to congratulate Corentin Perolari who hoists his private Yamaha R6 to a solid 12th place! The young French driver is indeed only in his third race of the season: the GMT94 which started with Mike di Meglio must juggle the Endurance events … Bravo les Bleus !

Result of the 2018 WSSP race in Misano

09-13 Italy - Misano - WorldSSP Italy: Caricasulo wins in turn at Misano - Used YAMAHA

09-13 Italy - Misano - WorldSSP Italy: Caricasulo wins in turn at Misano - Used YAMAHA

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