8H Oschersleben – Endurance: SERT wins at 8H Oschersleben 2012 – Used SUZUKI


Endurance: SERT wins at 8H Oschersleben 2012

8H Oschersleben - Endurance: SERT wins at 8H Oschersleben 2012 - Used SUZUKI

By winning the German event this weekend, the Suzuki n ° 1 is approaching a 12th world title in Motorcycle Endurance. But the competition is not far off: the BMW 99, GMT 94 and Honda 77 also shone at Oschersleben…

Can’t wait for the final at Le Mans !

Last Saturday was the fourth and penultimate round for the 2012 World Endurance Championship: the 8 Hours of Oschersleben, Germany. After the ZX-10R n ° 11 at the Bol d’Or (read our), then the S1000RR n ° 99 in Doha (read), and the CBR1000RR FCC at Suzuka (read), it’s the turn of the GSX-R1000 n ° 1 to win !

"After my fall at Suzuka, which had ejected us from the podium, I absolutely had to cross the checkered flag in first position!", Insists Vincent Philippe, star driver of SERT, on his arrival. Mission accomplished for the Franc-Comtois !

At the head of free practice then qualifying ‘Thursday and Friday, the Suz’ n ° 1 led by Vincent Philippe, Anthony Delhalle and the ex-star of the World Superbike Yukio Kagayama, had a perfect race, only giving up the reins. ‘on very rare occasions.

The SERT’s victory was not overwhelming, however, since the crews posted in second and third positions only finished a short lap of the Gex roadway in Dunlop: 312 laps against 313! Until the end, moreover, the BMW n ° 99 and the Yamaha n ° 94 – both mounted in Michelin – fought for the second step of the podium finally climbed by the S1000RR.

SERT is a problem

Sébastien Gimbert, Erwan Nigon and their Australian teammate Damian Cudlin have nothing to be ashamed of: "we can say that we made no mistakes. The three of us were fast and consistent, and the team did it again. a great job in the pits, "says Sébastien with satisfaction.

"The only problem was the SERT which was just too fast for everyone here at Oschersleben", finally realizes the French Superbike champion! An analysis shared by the former teammate of "Starsky": David "Hutch" Checa…

"This race was really special for me because I rode and won here when I joined the GMT team 10 years ago," said the sympathetic Spaniard first. "We had a perfect race this year again but the only problem was the competition".

Preceded by 13 seconds on the finish line by the S1000RR of the BMW Motorrad France team Thevent, the R1 prepared by the team of Christophe Guyot thus finds "its" third place obtained two weeks ago at Suzuka..

"We fought well and we were able to show our high level of performance," said the charismatic boss of the Blues. "We wanted to focus here on performance and reliability over fuel consumption. We will adjust that further for Le Mans".

Will the Sarthoise event scheduled for September 8 and 9 see the manufacturer Yamaha in turn win in 2012? Or will the 40 points awarded to the winner fall into the hands of another favorite in the championship? Suspense.

Four teams for the 2012 title

Among the major teams in the championship are now the Honda TT Legends team. Fourth in the German race, the Fireblade n ° 77 remains in second place in the general classification, tied on points with the BMW n ° 99: 76 points in total, i.e. 19 points less than the Suz ‘n ° 1 and 2 more than Yam ‘n ° 94 !

"We attacked today and our objective was to reach a level, which we did", rejoices the "King of the Moutain" John McGuiness (read).

"We are much closer to the outposts than before", rightly underlines the English driver, "This race was really perfect: the pit stops were good, no mistakes on the part of the drivers". John and his teammates Cameron Donald and Jason O’Halloran will therefore have to be counted on at Le Mans in a month’s time. !

Fifth place in the 8 Hours of Oschersleben 2012 goes to a Superstock machine: the GSX-R of Team Motors Events AMT wins for the first time this season in "its" category since it holds the 2011 cup. Guillaume Dietrich, Michal Savary and Baptiste Guittet beat 3D Endurance Moto Center’s Kawasaki and Qatar Endurance Racing Team’s Suzuki.

Finally, note the 10th place of the Suzuki AM Moto Racing Competition team which scored its first points of 2012 and finished just six seconds ahead of the Kawasaki Bolliger Team Switzerland, victim of a fall at the very start of the race, just like the Yamaha YART , 12th.

Result of the 8 Hours of Oschersleben 2012:

  1. 1 EWC SERT Suzuki in 8:01: 10.113
  2. 99 EWC BMW Motorrad France at 1 lap
  3. 94 EWC Yamaha France GMT 94 13.209
  4. 77 EWC Honda TT Legends 4 laps
  5. 50 SST Motors Events AMT Suzuki 7 laps
  6. 24 SST 3D End. Moto Center Kawasaki 13.966
  7. 95 SST QERT West Suzuki 8 laps
  8. 4 EWC Yamalube Folch Endurance 9 laps
  9. 9 SST DG Sport Herock Yamaha 10 laps
  10. 110 SST AM Moto Racing Suzuki 13 laps

Provisional classification EWC 2012:

  1. 1 Suzuki SERT FRA Suzuki: 95 pts
  2. 99 BMW Motorrad France BEL BMW: 76
  3. 77 Honda TT Legends GBR Honda: 76
  4. 94 Yamaha France GMT 94 FRA: 74
  5. 8 Bolliger Switzerland SUI Kawasaki: 55
  6. 4 Yamalube Folch Endurance ESP: 55
  7. 7 Monster Energy Yamaha YART AUT: 42
  8. 11 Team SRC Kawasaki FRA: 40
  9. 2Team R2CL FRA Suzuki: 38
  10. 11 FCC TSR Honda JPN Honda: 35

Provisional classification SST 2012:

  1. 50 Motors Events AMT FRA Suzuki: 73 pts
  2. 24 3D Endur. Moto Center FRA Kawa ‘: 69
  3. 13 Penz13 Kraftwerk GER BMW: 69
  4. 9DG Sport Herock BEL Yamaha: 66
  5. 95 QERT Suzuki QAT: 60
  6. 68 Atomic MotoSport FRA Suzuki: 55
  7. 67 MCP Starteam FRA Suzuki: 40
  8. 411 MCS Racing Ipone ITA Suzuki: 39
  9. 69 Ecurie Chrono Sport FRA Kawasaki: 26
  10. 66 Racing Team Sarazin FRA Kawasaki: 19

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