Business – End of 100 horses, electric motorcycle … The CSIAM faced with the big 2015 files – The CSIAM takes stock of the 2014 market


End of 100 horses, electric motorcycle … The CSIAM facing the big files 2015

Business - End of 100 horses, electric motorcycle ... The CSIAM faced with the big 2015 files - The CSIAM takes stock of the 2014 market

The International Automobile and Motorcycle Union Chamber has drawn up its 2014 report on the French motorized 2 and 3 wheeler market. Among the other topics discussed, MNC retains four: equipment, 50 cc, electric…

and the 100 horses !

CSIAM takes stock of the 2014 market

The International Automobile and Motorcycle Union Chamber (CSIAM) held yesterday, alongside the JPMS, its traditional four-monthly press briefing – January, May, September and let’s start again! – which brings together the main players in the sector: manufacturers, importers, insurers, associations, journalists, etc..

The CSIAM has obviously taken stock of the past year (read our), but also mentioned other issues such as the worrying drop in 50 cc pointed out by, the timid rise of the, the results of the first test of the operation and the next one, also addressed by the manufacturers in our …

As Site in its own, "Thierry Archambault, CEO, and Eric de Seynes, president of the motorcycles branch, note with satisfaction that, as expected, the market for motorcycles and scooters of 125 cc and more has recovered in France for the first time since. !"

"After a euphoric start to the year linked to exceptional weather, followed by a "soft spot" which affected the whole country at the start of summer, the end of the year proved to be more stable for our markets", observe the officials of the motorcycle branch of the CSIAM.

"With a cumulative increase of + 2.24%, the cumulative trend recorded at the end of August (+ 2.4%) finally remained constant over the second half of the year, confirming the same level of growth over the year", they conclude before studying the different sectors of the French market.

"In 125cc, with 42,453 registrations, the market is stable compared to 2013", observes the union chamber, stressing that it is a – very -"good news after the consecutive declines in recent years which were around -20% per year".

The "Protection Pack" operation is ongoing

The CSIAM took advantage of this new press point to present the results of the test phase of the "Protection Pack" operation aimed at "reduce the consequences of 2WD accidents, by promoting the acquisition by users of motorized two-wheelers of clothing equipped with CE-certified protection".

Very specifically, the hundred or so points of sale participating in this first phase enabled 539 French bikers to benefit from aid of 40 euros on the purchase of a level 1 pack (jacket + gloves), at 28 euros. save 80 euros on a pack 2 (level 1 + boots) and only one to reduce his bill by 120 euros on a pack 3 (level 2 + pants).

No rider has benefited from the aid of 200 euros granted on the purchase of a level 4 pack including in addition the airbag. "We will await the results of phase 2 which runs from April 1 to June 30, 2015 to possibly readjust the amounts of aid.", told us the CSIAM. And why not introduce aids for only boots or pants, that some 2WD users still neglect today? ?

"Thus, despite a difficult economic environment, the need for mobility of the French remains essential and this category of vehicles, efficient and economical, continue to provide an expected response.", reassure professionals.

Asked about the reasons for the rebound in sales of 125 in particular (+ 1.3% compared to 2013), Eric de Seynes determines two main ones: first of all, "customers have postponed their purchases in recent years, but those whose scooters or motorcycles reach 5, 8 or 10 years end up changing".

"Cause the people keep rolling !", rightly rejoices the big boss of the CSIAM. The renewal of – very many – 125 sold in the middle of the years" two thousand "should thus allow the sector to continue its progression in 2015, carried by a second lever: novelties !

"This year, some new products have worked well", recalls the president of the motorcycle branch of CSIAM, also big boss of operations at Yamaha Motor Europe – and former CEO of Yamaha Motor France -, perfectly aware of the great success of and …

In regards to "Honda’s Forza 125 and other novelties next year should once again allow the 125 sector to grow slightly", estimates Eric de Seynes (" EDS "for close friends).

"For the + 125 cc, and after a decline of more than 9%, the 2014 market rebounded by + 3.3% on the rise with 94,976 registrations", continues the CSIAM."The many new features introduced throughout the year (at the head, Editor’s note) supported demand", she confirms.

"Only the + 500cc scooter segment, without major innovation, recorded a significant drop of around -15%", further notes the union chamber. However Yamaha – again! – has placed its Tmax 530 at the foot of the sales podium., the king of maxiscoots should boost" his "segment…

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