Business – Eric de Seynes should take over from JCO at Yamaha Motor France! – Used YAMAHA


Eric de Seynes set to take over from JCO at Yamaha Motor France !

Business - Eric de Seynes should take over from JCO at Yamaha Motor France! - Used YAMAHA

Things are happening at Yamaha Motor France! After Gérard Valat’s short stint as Director of Divisions and Marketing, Eric de Seynes is making his comeback within the leader in France as Deputy CEO !

EDS, future JCO ?

After Gérard Valat’s (short) stint as Director of Divisions and Marketing (read), Eric de Seynes is making his comeback at Yamaha Motor France as Deputy Managing Director in charge of trade, marketing and technical all products !

"I have the great pleasure to inform you that Eric de Seynes will join Yamaha Motor France again on September 1st to take up the duties of Deputy Managing Director", announces this morning the big boss of the tuning forks brand in France, Jean-Claude Olivier.

Eric de Seynes in brief

Aged 49, married with four children, Eric de Seynes studied business before starting television production in the 1980s as president of Sport Action.

Successively marketing manager at Mobil then sponsorship director at SEITA, he joined the importer Yamaha Sonauto (future Yamaha Motor France) alongside JCO in 1990. He became marketing and sales director before leaving in 2001 to chair the Option group..

Passionate about motorsports in general and motorcycles in particular, Eric de Seynes – to whom we owe in particular the renaissance of the Moto Tour (see opposite) -, also sits on the board of directors of several companies such as Hermès (luxury ) or Alcopa (auto-motorcycle distributor in the Benelux).

"We worked together for 11 years from 1990 to 2001, before Eric de Seynes developed, between 2001 and 2009, his own entrepreneurial activities.", JCO recalls.

His experience of the brand, his very good knowledge of the motorcycle world and his excellent interpersonal skills should enable Eric de Seynes, until now boss of the Option group – at the origin, in particular, of the rebirth of the Moto Tour in 2003 (read) and the late Paris Moto Show in 2006 (read) -, to meet the challenges of Yamaha in the coming years.

And to ensure the difficult succession of JCO, who has been actively preparing his succession for several years: the French big boss, who has "the conviction that his career has prepared him perfectly", is indeed"happy that he has agreed to join us to lead, with Jean-Claude Robin, Deputy Managing Director (administration and finance) and the current management team, the future of Yamaha Motor France. We can, together, prepare for this handover which will take place in early 2010, with mutual motivation and determination.". To be continued … Stay connected !

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