Business – Erik Buell Racing does not bubble! – Used BUELL


Erik Buell Racing does not bubble !

Business - Erik Buell Racing does not bubble! - Used BUELL

Now 49% owned by the leading Indian manufacturer of motorized two-wheelers Hero, the Erik Buell Racing brand, in addition to its sporting activity in AMA Superbike, is developing three new road motorcycles: RX, SX and AX.

With his Buell 1190RS – homologated version for the road of the -, Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has been participating for three years in the American Superbike Championship with solid results: 10th in 2011, his top driver Geoff May finished 5th in 2012.

Just last week, Erik Buell Racing congratulated himself on having placed three of his motorcycles in the Top 10 during the event held at Laguna Seca on the sidelines of the).

Hero and his gang

After 26 years of collaboration, Hero and Honda separated in 2010 and since then, the Japanese have competed with the Indian on their own territory. In order to counterattack, Hero is multiplying partnerships: with the American Buell, but also with the Austrian AVL List GmbH, the Italian Engines Engineering and soon Magneti Marelli if we are to believe the Indian newspaper. Mint.

Admittedly, the 1190RS were almost 40 seconds off the podium occupied by the sharp R1 of the Monster Graves Yamaha team and one of the two GSX-R1000 of the Suzuki Yoshimura, but they fight on a regular basis against the official RC8Rs, as well as private Yamaha and Suzuki.

Posted the day after the Californian race, the photo of a road bike sparked more reactions on the Facebook page of the small manufacturer from East Troy (Winsconsin, USA): "Meanwhile, far from the circuits, lots of tests are carried out at EBR…", informs the caption.

Already listed on the, three models are currently under development. Code names: RX, SX and AX, respectively a sports car, a roadster and a trail equipped with the original Rotax 1190 twin-cylinder (in the 1125 format), today "totally made in East Troy"? The crankcase visible in the photo seems to indicate it…

On the Internet, of course, speculation is rife. Thus, the purchase at the beginning of the month of 49.2% of the company Erik Bull Racing (25 million dollars) by the Indian number one of the motorized two-wheeler, Hero, pushes some observers to announce the arrival of smaller displacement at Buell: 450, 250, or even 100 cc.

However, it is highly unlikely that the next EBR productions will be limited to such displacement: they would not correspond to the current brand image of the American firm, which promised its renaissance "the tightest American sports motorcycles ever produced".

It is in the longer term that Hero’s strong participation could manifest itself in the Buell offer: "major cities in the United States can definitely use our current line of smaller models"assured our Indian colleagues in early July of Mint Hero CEO Pawwan Munjal.

Together, "the two companies are aiming for a production of 20,000 EBR units in 2017, against a small 65 in 2012", declared the financial director of Hero, Ravi Sud. And among these" Buell "motorcycles could figure small displacement.

"EBR will use its money to expand the company to provide Hero with new products and technologies while providing a new assembly line for Hero products.", exposed the big Indian boss. To follow on MNC: stay tuned !

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