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Florent Lionnet has left Honda France

Business - Florent Lionnet has left Honda France - Occasions HONDA

Honda France General Manager Florent Lionnet left office on November 23 after spending three years at the head of the world number one in France. An external recruitment procedure should soon be announced.

The lapsus of Christophe Baillien, director of promotional planning at Honda Europe during the presentation of the new CBF 600 S near Barcelona (read), now takes on its full meaning: as he is about to hand over to Bruno Chemin (responsible for communication), Christophe Baillien mistakenly attributes to him the title of "Director of Honda France", before resuming himself…

Information taken, it is indeed a slip and Bruno Chemin is in reality not at all interested in the post of general manager of Honda France. But the place of n ° 1 is indeed vacant since November 23, 2007, date of the departure of Florent Lionnet decided "by mutual agreement with the Japanese".

Florent Lionnet had been at the head of Honda France for 3 years. After studying business, which he himself qualifies as "very average", he went to England for two years to improve his studies. Back in France in 1995, aged 24, he began by selling encyclopedias door-to-door in low-cost housing, then joined Icare, a company that offered used vehicle maintenance and warranty contracts in the automobile until 1998.

He then tries a little experiment "inconclusive"at a car rental company in Toulouse, then joined BMW Motorrad as district manager in July 1999. Two years later, he became head of sales and network development at BMW Motorrad. He remained there until 2004, when offered him to join Honda as deputy general manager, with a vocation to succeed the general manager.

Asked by Site when he took office, Florent Lionnet said he wanted to restore Honda to its number one position in France from 2007 (read).

But the specificities of the French market have decided otherwise and the tensions perceptible for several months between Florent Lionnet and his Japanese management have resulted in this separation "by mutual consent".

There is no doubt that this very young 37-year-old manager will be able to use his solid experience and his go-getter character to bounce back advantageously in a completely different field … or always in the motorcycle? To be continued … Have a good trip Florent !


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