Business – Gérard Staedelin, new CEO of Harley-Davidson and Buell France – Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON


Gérard Staedelin, new CEO of Harley-Davidson and Buell France

Business - Gérard Staedelin, new CEO of Harley-Davidson and Buell France - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON

Following the departure of Jean-Luc Mars from Honda, Gérard Staedelin will take control of Harley-Davidson and Buell France from this summer. Former CEO of the Swiss subsidiary Harley after ten years at BMW France, M.

Staedelin is 42 years old.

After having served for four years as Managing Director of Harley-Davidson and Buell Switzerland, Gérard Staedelin will take over the management of the French subsidiary from this summer, following the recent departure of Jean-Luc Mars at Honda (read).

Aged 42, Gérard Staedelin is currently finalizing an MBA at IMD Lausanne, before finally joining the Paris region to take on his new role..

"Helping dealers reach new heights"

Already in contact with the management of the French subsidiary, he said to himself "very happy to take up this new challenge! We have a strong team and dealer network and I look forward to putting my experience to work to help them reach new heights.".

After having started in the world of motorcycles in the sales department of BMW France, Gérard Staedelin worked for more than ten years as district manager Harley-Davidson for independent markets, before joining the Swiss subsidiary in 2004.

"Over the past four years, Harley-Davidson Switzerland has achieved an unprecedented level of success under its leadership and that of its teams.", specifies Harley-Davidson Europe:"in 2007, for the very first time, the network reached first position in terms of market share for the Harley-Davidson and Buell brands in Switzerland, a result made possible thanks to the development of a network of mobilized dealers who achieved considerable work".

Confirming that the French market is indeed a priority for Harley-Davidson, the vice president of Harley-Davidson Europe, Michael Van Der Sande, is delighted with the arrival of Gérard Staedelin at the helm of the brand in France: "the French market is extremely important for the brand and I am very happy to announce today the appointment of Gérard Staedelin as Managing Director of our French subsidiary. His perfect knowledge of the brand and his numerous successes in Switzerland make Gérard the ideal manager to support our network of dealers and continue the development of the brand in France. !"

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