Business – Honda unveils its priorities until 2020 – Pre-owned HONDA


Honda reveals its priorities until 2020

Business - Honda unveils its priorities until 2020 - Pre-owned HONDA

The CEO of Honda took advantage of the end of the first half of 2010 to outline his plans for the coming decade. Electric tomorrow, fuel cell the day after tomorrow, thermal energy is far from dead.


In a speech given on July 20 in Tokyo, the CEO of the Honda Motor Company for a year, Takanobu Ito, detailed the strategy of his brand in the next ten years: in the automobile of course, but also in the motorcycle , in the markets of emerging countries and those of developed countries.

In general, the great Japanese chef wishes "provide good products to customers, responsively, at an affordable price and with low CO2 emissions"… It’s called a concrete marketing plan, no ?!

In the automobile industry, the expansion of the marketing of Honda’s own "IMA" hybrid vehicles, the arrival of the "plug-in" hybrid, the improvement of gasoline and diesel engines – with a tendency to "down sizing", either cylinder capacities revised downwards for smaller cars – but also electric, as well as the continuation of research in the field of the fuel cell are as many priorities for giant of Tokyo.

"The two-wheeler is the ideal vehicle"

On the motorized two-wheeler side, Honda recalls that the "two-wheeler is the ideal vehicle to meet customer needs on electric technology". The Japanese manufacturer had also announced a few weeks ago the launch in leasing on its national market of the EV-neo (read).

At the same time, faced with the strong growth of the Chinese markets for electric two-wheelers but also thermal two-wheelers, the world number one – and it intends to remain so – plans to launch a new product specific to this country..

A vehicle that will continue to use gasoline because "thermal energy still has a future", confirms S├ębastien Pernel, head of press relations at Honda Moto France. The progress made in this area – in particular by Honda -, in fact allow internal combustion engines to consume less and less, therefore to reduce their pollutant emissions.

India and the other so-called emerging countries will not be forgotten: "these markets have the potential to evolve further to become pillars for Honda’s business operations", insists Ito San, perfectly aware of the slowdown in the Japanese, European and North American markets.

"Competitors in these markets today are Chinese and Indian manufacturers. To maintain its leadership position, Honda must maintain a high level of product quality while improving cost management in order to face this cheap competition.", details the CEO of Honda.

A new sporty scooter

We also note that after the launch of the small PCX scooter which works very well in France (read), the Japanese manufacturer plans to market a new sporty model this fall in Thailand, before releasing it to conquer the world !

Ambitious, Honda announces that its production capacity in Asia (excluding Japan) should increase from 16 to 18 million units at the end of 2011. But what about Europe? The case of developed countries is dealt with much more quickly !

Only one official announcement is made regarding "our" markets: "Next year Honda will formalize the arrival of a mid-size novelty on the world market. This model will represent a new basis for the development of Recreational Models (FUN) designed using Honda’s unique know-how.", warns Mister Ito.

A novelty of medium displacement

"Unlike the usual models delivering high power, this novelty will focus on driving pleasure thanks to obvious handling, agility and good low-end torque for dynamic handling. Offered at an attractive price, this model should allow Honda to meet the expectations of many customers and thus create a new trend in developed countries.", specifies the CEO of Honda.

Information taken, it will indeed be a two-wheeler and not a three-wheeler: "no, the 3R-C presented at the Geneva Motor Show will not land next year! It was above all a style exercise allowing Honda to show what it is capable of, and to insist on the fact that according to him, 100% electric will really find its place on a light vehicle of type two or three-wheeler", assures S├ębastien Pernel interviewed by Site.

The mid-displacement novelty should therefore not look like a spaceship straight out of Star Wars, with its share of technology or alluring gadgets. !

On the contrary, this vehicle should rather follow the trend launched by the PCX: a two-wheeler – scooter, trial, roadster or other? – simple, with reasonable performance, ahead of emission standards, at the lowest price because mounted in Asia and with a sensitive and welcome "Honda Touch".

After the ingenious "Stop and Start" of the PCX, what does Honda have in store for us on its next novelty? Should we expect a return of the CB500? "See you at the Milan Motor Show, where we will give you some clues, as we did with the V4 concept in the introduction of the new VFR", Honda France warns us …. Stay tuned !

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