Business – Jacques Bolle intends to fight against motophobia –


Jacques Bolle intends to fight against motophobia

Business - Jacques Bolle intends to fight against motophobia -

Jacques Bolle has just been elected president of the FFM, succeeding Jean-Pierre Mougin who was not standing for re-election. He intends to place his four-year mandate under the sign of change, by fighting against motophobia which is developing in a worrying way.

"Motophobia is a subject that we come across too often today", deplored the new president of the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM), Jacques Bolle, elected this weekend by 93.40% of the voters of the General Assembly (7 whites, one draw and 189 abstentions)."We are faced with a bulimia of regulations which are often decided in a radical and arbitrary way"and"environmental and legal constraints have multiplied", he noted, estimating that"Faced with these threats, it is imperative to develop and imagine new responses in order to preserve our activities".

Jacques Bolle, former high-level rider (5 podiums in the world sprint championship including a victory in Great Britain in 1983), was vice-president of the FFM since 2004. Director of the Moto Club de L├ęsigny since 1978, he joined at the FFM in 1985 as elected to the Commission des courses sur route (CCR), which he chaired from 1988 to 2004. He has also been president of the Ile-de-France regional motorcycling league since 1988

Aged 49, Jacques Bolle succeeds Jean-Pierre Mougin who was not present. "I would particularly like to thank and greet my predecessor, Jean-Pierre Mougin, at the head of the FFM for nearly 20 years"said the new president:"his action and his commitment have made a decisive contribution to bringing the Federation to its current place both nationally and internationally".

With a legal training (DESS in law), Jacques Bolle is a business manager and intends to manage the FFM like a real business.

The FFM in 2008

The FFM brings together 28 regional motorcycle leagues, 68 departmental committees, 1,250 clubs, 70,000 licensees and 100,000 members, making it the second of the non-Olympic French federations! It has an annual budget of 13 million euros and employs nearly 50 permanent.

"I will put all my energy and my experience at the service of elected officials, athletes, organizers, licensees and all the players in this great motorcycling family. There are many projects to pursue, develop and create"said Jacques Bolle after his election.

"My main focus will be on those who structure and organize sport", he said, because"my experience has shown me that we need to expand the offer. And for that, we must help the clubs which are our prescribers. At the moment, the competition is going well, and I would like to develop leisure practices. There are many followers of certain disciplines who do not want to compete but wish to practice motorcycle sport in good safety conditions. I will also strengthen the support for motorcycle clubs because, if they are very successful on the ground, they need to be assisted in administrative and legal tasks. I also want to help them economically".

Finally, one of its projects will be to fight against motophobia: "we therefore have an enormous amount of communication and information work to put in place. Fortunately, our excellent relations with the various ministries make us their regular consultants for the safeguard of the practice of our sport.", he said, indicating that there would be"changes to the FFM, even if there is no question of revolution".

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