Business – Jean-Luc Mars reorganizes Honda Moto in France – 2009 sporting events … and back to Endurance!


Jean-Luc Mars reorganizes Honda Moto in France

Business - Jean-Luc Mars reorganizes Honda Moto in France - 2009 sporting events ... and back to Endurance!

After 6 months of reflection, the new CEO of Honda Moto in France formalizes the reorganizations announced internally and specifies his strategy in terms of business, image and competition to resume the offensive on the French market.


2009 sporting events … and return to Endurance racing !

Alongside Richard Mathiau, Bernard Rigoni continues to assume the functions of competition manager (Assistant Manager Racing), with a joy and enthusiasm that are a pleasure to see !

2009 will therefore mark the official return of Honda France to world endurance racing at Le Mans and Bol d’Or, with a CBR "worthy of the name", explains Bernard Rigoni (see our video interview opposite).

"It’s a Honda France initiative", specifies Jean-Luc Mars:"because we must not believe that we arrive with the whole HRC team !"

Honda also continues its various sporting events with in particular the maintenance of the famous French Cup organized by Philippe Gonod (40 amateur riders on the handlebars of CBR600RR) in speed, the installation of an MX Trophy in all-terrain (a challenge of leagues open to owners of the new CRF 450 2009 (read) with 20,000 euros in prizes to be shared between the 80 finalists), the maintenance of its partnership with the FFM (Academy FFM, Junior Cup, Challenge de l’Avenir and Equipe de France Hope for the best of the French Championship 125), etc.

Also note the creation of a new cup called Spirit Trophy – "which is particularly close to my heart", specifies Jean-Luc Mars – open to all those who have already driven a lot on the road and who now wish to"have fun on the circuit while having fun with friends"with CBF 600.

Finally, for "increase the number of Honda on the starting gates, Honda France continues its involvement in the French Superbike Championship and offers teams a package including a motorcycle with speed and endurance kits, technical information support and assistance with machine tuning (also available for the Bol d ‘However, the 24H Moto du Mans and the Promosport).


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