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Jean-Luc Mars takes control of Honda Moto

Business - Jean-Luc Mars takes control of Honda Moto - HONDA Occasions

The information had been circulating for several weeks, but it is now official: it is Jean-Luc Mars, the former big boss of Harley-Davidson France well known to our readers, who succeeds Florent Lionnet as general manager of Honda France.

It is now official: at 42 years old, Jean-Luc Mars joined Honda as Managing Director at the head of the French subsidiary based in Marne-la-Vallée (77). Motorcycle enthusiast "always", Jean-Luc Mars has spent most of his career at Harley-Davidson where he held various positions (after-sales service, sales, marketing and product planning, then Managing Director of the French subsidiary of the American manufacturer in 2003 (read).

His professional career led him to work in Germany and the United States, where he obtained an MBA in 2002. When the Honda opportunity arose in early 2008 following the departure of Florent Lionnet (read), Jean-Luc Mars immediately saw a formidable challenge:

"Honda is an exceptional brand, it is an essential reference and I am convinced that there is enormous potential for development in France.", he explains.

"I obviously appreciate the responsibility that is mine today and I am aware of the expectations of the French market and the network of Honda dealers. It’s an exhilarating mission! I approach it with great humility and the desire to put all my strength at the disposal of the Honda France team. I am very proud to be at the head of Honda today !"

Sports enthusiast in general "and motorcycles in all its forms", amateur rider in his spare time in trial, enduro and speed, Jean-Luc Mars is a man who loves challenges.

Like that of bringing Honda back to first place in France, as his predecessor Florent Lionnet had wished (read)? Or more modestly from "develop motorcycles in France", as he had indicated to Site readers during a live chat (read)? The future will tell … Stay tuned !

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