Business – KTM passes the 200,000 motorbikes sold in 2016 – Used HUSQVARNA KTM


KTM passes 200,000 motorcycles sold in 2016

Business - KTM passes the 200,000 motorbikes sold in 2016 - Used HUSQVARNA KTM

Sales of KTM / Husqvarna in the world grew by + 11% last year: the European No. 1 reached a new record of 203,340 motorcycles. For the KTM group as a whole, 2016 was just as positive.

Balance sheet.

In 2015, the turnover of the KTM Industries group. Twelve months later, management is proud to announce that this score is up 10%: 1.34 billion euros, generated in particular by its KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles..

With its 203,340 machines sold worldwide (95% export, more than 50% outside Europe), the Austrian giant confirms its status as No. 1 in Europe, ahead of its first cousin BMW () and its neighbor transalpine Ducati ().

  • MNC Premium :
  • Interview MNC Eric Antunes (KTM France) :

Finance officials calculated that earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT in English, operating income in French) were up 8% to € 122.3 million. The group’s net profit increased by 29% to reach 83.8 million euros….

"This year all divisions were able to increase their turnover and profits", rejoice the senior managers of "Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen" which owns not only Husqvarna, but also WP and Pankl Racing Systems…

Business - KTM passes the 200,000 motorbikes sold in 2016 - Used HUSQVARNA KTM

In 2016, the WP unit specializing in suspensions completed its long-term modernization project and acquired a new installation intended to produce exhausts at the Munderfing site: tremblez, Akrapovic and Termignoni !

On the side of the engine manufacturer Pankl – who designs and produces all types of steel, aluminum or titanium parts that can be found on motorcycles, cars, medical equipment, in space and beyond! -, the rule changes in Formula One would have been very "profitable" … KTM has also increased its participation from 55.9 to 94.5%.

On the strength of these growths, the KTM group hired no less than 516 employees in 2016, including 428 in Austria. At the start of 2017, the workforce reached 5,069 employees (3,916 in Austria) … and they have their work cut out for them. !

  • MNC of January 30, 2017 :

The big boss, Stefan Pierer, said on Friday that he intended to increase production by 50% by 2022, thus aiming for the 300,000 vehicles mark! Confident, the managing director is counting on new growth for 2017. Hopefully the will not penalize its exports across the Atlantic !

On the Vienna stock exchange, KTM Industries shares jumped 20 cents upon the announcement of these good results and these enthusiastic forecasts. And during the year 2016,. We cannot repeat it enough: Oranges are very good for your health … and for some wallets !

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