Business – Steel Wars: Will the Price of American Motorcycles Go Up? – Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON INDIAN


Steel war: will the price of American motorcycles rise ?

Business - Steel War: Will the Price of American Motorcycles Go Up? - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON INDIAN

In the absence of an agreement with the European Union, the United States has been overtaxing steel and aluminum imports since today (Friday). The response could take place as early as June 20…

Will Harley-Davidson and Indian customers pay more for their motorcycles? Le Journal moto du Net interviewed French officials.

Three months that this lasted but it is too much, Donald Trump has implemented his threats: since this morning (Friday, June 1, 2018), steel and aluminum imports into the United States from Europe, Mexico and Canada are respectively surcharged by + 25% and + 10% !

  • MNC of March 8, 2018 :
  • MNC of May 17, 2017 :
  • MNC of January 30, 2017 :

As a result, the European Union should soon take similar countermeasures: imposing additional customs duties on "Made in USA" products. Better: overtax products made in American states ruled by Republicans !

This is precisely – and unfortunately for "bikers" – the case of Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles, whose factories are located in Wisconsin and Iowa respectively. The Milwaukee and Spirit Lake machines are therefore in the sights of Brussels … And the trigger could well be squeezed from June 20.

Arm wrestling…

Asked by Site about this officially declared war, Harley-Davidson’s marketing and communications manager in France recalls that HD’s mission is to help its customers "achieve their dreams of freedom around the world. We support free trade and fair and hope for a quick solution to this problem ".

Import taxes on steel and aluminum will inevitably "increase the costs for all products made with these raw materials, regardless of their origin", believes Xavier Crépet: "we are currently evaluating all the options to manage as well as possible the cost increases that would result from this increase in import taxes "…

Business - Steel War: Will the Price of American Motorcycles Go Up? - Used HARLEY-DAVIDSON INDIAN

In the event of a response from the EU, customers from the Old Continent would face a double penalty: "we believe that retaliatory measures targeting Harley-Davidson in particular in all of its main markets would have a significant impact negative on its sales, its dealer network, its suppliers and its customers, "he predicts.

  • Lobbying :

The situation also worries those responsible for the Indian brand in France: Pierre Audoin and his team are currently working on the file. We are also expecting a reaction from the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (!) (ACEM), which expressed alarm in March about the serious consequences that a trade war would have between the United States of America and the United States. -Less United of Europe…

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