Company – Confined with … Chrystelle Bizot-Gry, Yamaha communications and digital marketing manager – Used YAMAHA


Confined with … Chrystelle Bizot-Gry, Yamaha communications and digital marketing manager

Company - Confined with ... Chrystelle Bizot-Gry, Yamaha communications and digital marketing manager - Used YAMAHA

What are the main players in the motorcycle world doing during the lockdown linked to the Covid-19 pandemic? Chrystelle Bizot-Gry, communication and digital marketing manager at Yamaha Motor France, spoke to Journal moto du Net.

MNC: Where are you confined ?

Chrystelle Bizot-Gry : I am confined to my house in the Paris region with my children. We are lucky to have a garden and the weather is pretty good, so the containment is going pretty well.

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MNC: How are your days going? ?

C. B.-G. : Breakfast at 8am, then we all sit at our computers from 9am because my children have all resumed lessons. For my part, with my small communication and digital marketing team, we are lucky to be very busy because our mission is to keep the link with our important community on Yamaha social media. We inform them about the measures taken as a result of the containment and we also entertain them. So I get in touch with the personalities of the motorcycle world (pilots, travel organizers, driving schools …) to ask them to film themselves by answering questions that we ask them about their current activities and those that they are preparing for post-containment. In addition, I answer all questions asked by journalists. Today I will seek information on the reopening of our MBK plant in Saint-Quentin. Finally, we remain in close contact with our dealers to understand how they are organized in the field and anticipate the needs they will have and the assistance that we will be able to provide them when business resumes. At this rate, we don’t see the time passing !

MNC: What do you miss the most? The least ?

C. B.-G. : What I miss the most is the swimming pool and my colleagues at Yamaha. What I miss the least are the car trips in traffic jams in the morning to accompany the children to school, then the race to get to the office afterwards.

MNC: What are you afraid of ?

C. B.-G. : No I am not afraid except for my husband who is diabetic and for whom we are very careful because he MUST not catch this COVID !

MNC: A book, a film, a series, a record to recommend ?

C. B.-G. : I recommend the "Validé" series by Franck Gastambide! It is extra because it makes us discover the world of rap, the music industry, digital communication strategies on social media, the organization of life in the cities and the myth that Tmax represents in this environment, symbol of "success" or in any case of "leadership". In books I recommend my current reading because it allows to better understand all the religions and the tolerance which they all carry in their texts, on condition of making an interpretation adapted to our modern society: "Islam explained to children (and their parents) "by Tahar Ben Jelloun. My music at the moment is Camille "" (because I spend my time cooking to feed my little world!), Dusty Springfield "" (listened to recently thanks to an interview with Guillaume Canet) and current events oblige, unfortunately, this with this mix by Philippe Katerine in collaboration with Christophe…

MNC: Your Favorite Motorcycle Video ?

C. B.-G. : The antics of, always make me laugh a lot … It’s my generation !

MNC: The first thing you will do at the end of the lockdown ?

C. B.-G. : I take one to test it and I go to the hairdresser !

Interview by Eric MICHEL

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