Crime – 55,400 motorcycles and scooters stolen in France in 2016 –


55,400 motorcycles and scooters stolen in France in 2016

Crime - 55,400 motorcycles and scooters stolen in France in 2016 -

Good news: the frequency of thefts of motorized two-wheelers in France continued to decline in 2016 since the Ministry of the Interior listed 55,400 motorcycles or scooters stolen against 57,699 in 2015. Bad news: this scourge still occurs every 10 minutes , especially in big cities !


The report "Insecurity and crime in 2016: first statistical report" published in January by the Ministry of the Interior indicates that the number of two-wheelers stolen last year reached 55,400, or one theft every ten minutes. These figures are obviously too high, but which are in line with the downward trend observed in recent years: 57,699 in 2015 and 59,835 in 2014.

  • MNC of July 1, 2016 : The number of stolen motorcycles in France is said to be down very slightly
  • MNC of June 25, 2015 :

For the sixth year in a row, (Identicar group) is taking a close interest in these data in its two-wheeler theft observatory: the engraving specialist interviewed 3,758 of its customers in order to find out their potential feedback on this painful experience. . It shows that "86%" of thefts take place in urban areas (logical) and that more than half of thefts occur at night ("57%") and on public roads ("59%"). 

Unsurprisingly, the Île-de-France region is harvesting the unenviable laurels of the region most at risk ("44%"), far ahead of the PACA ("20%") and Rhône-alpes ("14%") regions. . The typical profile of the owner concerned? The "35 to 55-year-old" biker who parks his new motorcycle in the street – day or night – in Île de France. Certainly a CB500 of 15 rods with 150,000 km parked at the bottom of the Creuse will arouse less envy !

68% of stolen motorcycles have not been recovered

But beyond this information which is all in all fairly agreed, this study reveals on the other hand that "81%" of stolen vehicles were protected by an "anti-theft device" and that "68%" were not found after the theft. Hence the interest in having your motorcycle engraved suggests ICA, in order to make the resale of spare parts more complicated.. 

Finally, note that "57%" of victims believe they were poorly compensated by their insurance and that "55%" bought a model from another brand in the hope that it would be less attractive in the eyes of thugs. We think in particular of the Yamaha Tmax, two-wheelers frequently the most sold but also the most stolen in France. !

Crime - 55,400 motorcycles and scooters stolen in France in 2016 -

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