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66% of stolen motorcycles are never found

Around 100,000 motorized two-wheelers are stolen each year in France. Scooters account for 63% of thefts, ahead of mopeds (22%) and motorcycles (15%). And two out of three stolen motorcycles are never found…

Around 100,000 motorized two-wheelers are reported stolen each year in France, or nearly 25% of all vehicles stolen, even though they represent barely 10% of the total fleet..

"Out of 100 thefts of two-wheelers, there are 52 unregistered scooters (less than 50 cm3), 11 registered scooters, 22 mopeds and 15 motorcycles"Says the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA), which indicates that two-thirds of stolen motorcycles (66%) are never found.

Stable compared to 2000 (67%), this frightening rate climbs to 74% for scooters and up to 80% for mopeds. Paris is the most affected area with 6,709 declarations of theft of motorized two-wheelers last year, followed by Bouches-du-Rhône (5,975), Alpes-Maritimes (5,250), Nord (4,300 ), Var (3,269), Hauts-de-Seine (2,891), Gironde (2,802), Pas-de-Calais (2,720) and Rhône (2,242).

The theft guarantee remains optional, but insurers are asking for more and more protection to grant it: approved anti-theft, engraving, electronic alarm, remote control remote control, etc. So much so that the FFSA advises to "ask your insurer about their theft protection requirements"before buying a motorcycle.

In France, the company Traqueur, a subsidiary of the American LoJack, has recently offered motorists, "in official partnership with the police", an electronic box the size of two cigarette packs to locate a car in the event of theft.

According to our information, a solution adapted to motorcycles is currently in preparation in the greatest secrecy at Traqueur: reduced in size to be easily camouflaged in a motorcycle and less energy intensive than its "four-wheel" version, this box should be available "during 2003"…


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