Crime – 93.1% of motorcycles stolen in 2018 would have been directly removed –


93.1% of motorcycles stolen in 2018 would have been directly removed

Crime - 93.1% of motorcycles stolen in 2018 would have been directly removed -

The so-called "kidnapping" method is becoming the most common way to steal a motorcycle: 9 out of 10 motorized two-wheelers would be taken directly into a vehicle by thieves, according to the Coyote Secure 2018 flight observatory.

Motorcycle thieves, like everyone else, aspire to better working conditions: there is no longer any question of cutting out a lock and / or fiddling with the starter late at night, when it is much faster and more discreet to hoist the two- wheels in a van type vehicle !

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This method of kidnapping becomes "almost the only one used by thieves", notes Coyote in his 2018 Flight Observatory. The company originally specialized in speed camera warning "driving assistants" calculates that the proportion of thefts of this type would have increased from "12.5% ​​in two years" to reach "93.1%".

This observatory also points to the upsurge in the concealment of stolen motorcycles via the "burying" technique, which consists of hiding the stolen two-wheeler in a container or an underground parking lot. Goal ? Defeat any electronic tracking devices installed on motorcycles and scooters.

This phenomenon would be observed in half of the cases: "45%" of stolen motorcycles are found in an outdoor container and "55%" in a basement, reveals Coyote who evokes an increase of "+ 20 points in two years".

A connected or attached motorcycle to fight against theft

The solution ? The Coyote Secure offer, of course! Since his Coyote indeed offers geolocation boxes – autonomous and waterproof – which would be able to thwart any form of concealment. It’s still well done !

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"Coyote Secure is the only service to have radio technology that can detect vehicles in underground and white areas," says the company, adding that the jamming devices now popular with thieves would not affect efficiency of his system.

MNC advice: traceability system or not, always attach your motorcycle to a fixed point with an approved anti-theft device, if possible in a busy place that is lit at night. Also remember to pass the chain or the "U" through the discs and / or the fork tubes. Using two anti-theft devices – one to secure the motorcycle and the other of the disc lock type with alarm – is also a not superfluous precaution for !

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