Crime – Assaulted at night at his home, Anthony Gobert is in intensive care –


Assaulted at night at his home, Anthony Gobert is in intensive care

Crime - Assaulted at night at his home, Anthony Gobert is in intensive care -

The pilot Anthony Gobert is talking about him again, in the "news" section unfortunately … The shooting star of Australian motorcycle speed was beaten up at his home in the middle of the night.

His brother, Aaron, delivered his version of the facts to Roadracing World Magazine … Explanations, with a bat.

While he was having dinner in a restaurant in Gold Coast in Queensland (Australia), Anthony Gobert would have been approached by tipsy people: "are you the Go Show?", They would have asked him … "Yes, but I eat ", would – pleasantly, curtly, simply? – retorted the former motorcycle speed driver.

"Then they came back more drunk and one of them started to fight: Anthony knocked him out." End of the story ? No: the victim’s comrades followed Anthony to his home and waited until night fell to play a second round…

"They broke down his door and hit him with a bat, almost to death," Aaron Gobert testifies to our colleagues. When he arrived at the ER, "Anthony was in such a bad shape they didn’t know who he was. Then when he was able to speak, they ‘Googled’ him and made contact with us. He’s in a mess. bad condition but he will get by ".

Hyper talented on the handlebars but too leaning on the bottle and the seal – not O-ring! -, this is not the first time that. The one who was also nicknamed the "Wild Child" was tried in 2008 for theft: 40 dollars stolen from a septuagenarian and a bag torn from a lady? Not pretty, pretty.

Gardner, Doohan, Gobert, Stoner…

As a reminder, Anthony Gobert was considered one of the most promising riders of his generation: invited to the Australian World Superbike event which closed the 1994 season, the 19-year-old rider – also excellent in Motocross – had then sealed everything the world global…

At the controls of his Kawasaki ZX-7R, the "teenager" took pole position, climbed on the podium in race one behind champions Fogarty and Russell … and beat them in the second round! These brilliant feats earned him a handlebar for the following season..

Adored by motorcycle speed fans for his flamboyant riding style (don’t miss the video below!), "GoShow" finished 4th in the 1995 WSBK but never won the title and did not break through in Grand Prix. The tabloid The Courier-Mail placed it five years ago at the top of its never having reached their full potential…

Site readers – who as everyone knows are a little more fortunate than the others – remember Mister Gobert’s two freelance posts in World Supersport 2006, on David Checa’s R6 within the Yamaha GMT94 team: a magnificent ascent to the, a disappointing .

Anthony Gobert does the "Go Show" on his ZX-7R

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