Crime – London police cleared to run into motorcycle thieves –


London police cleared to run into motorcycle thieves

Crime - London police cleared to run into motorcycle thieves -

Launched in pursuit of offenders who flee on motorbikes or scooters, the London police will now be able to run into them to stop them … Explanations.

The London police force (Metropolitan Police) is determined to fight by all means against delinquents traveling on a two-wheeler: launched in pursuit of offenders – whether they are thieves "of" motorcycles or criminals "on" motorcycles – , His Majesty’s "bobbies" can now hit them to stop them in their flight.

  • Motorcycle theft :

"Delinquents riding on a cyclo or a motorcycle will be targeted at every opportunity, even when they drive dangerously, remove their helmets or camouflage themselves", warns who published Friday an impressive video of chases carried out by the police (see below d ‘article)…

Recalling that "offenders on motorcycles or scooters who choose to escape put themselves and others at risk", Scotland Yard assures that its drivers are "specially trained to reduce the number of prosecutions and prevent offenders and the public are not hurt ".

By showing "the full extent of these techniques" of arrest, the objective of the London police force is clear: "to make think twice" the delinquents who would be on the point of committing an offense.

“The Metropolitan Police are on the front lines in the fight against motorized two-wheeler crime,” says Commander Amanda Pearson: “People believe that if they take off their helmets or don’t stop at a police roadblock, we will not take legal action, but that is wrong ".

The proof in video…

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