Crime – Scooters are twice as stolen as motorcycles –


Scooters are twice as stolen as motorcycles

Crime - Scooters are twice as stolen as motorcycles -

The third vehicle theft observatory established by Coyote indicates that a scooter is twice as often the target of a theft than a motorcycle in France, while theft by kidnapping remains the most common method for both – wheels.


With an accident rate of "106/1000", the scooter is "twice as often stolen as the motorcycle", indicates Coyote in its 2019 Flight Observatory which crosses the data of motorcycles and cars equipped with its with statistics from the ministry inside.

  • MNC of February 15, 2018 : 
  • MNC of May 20, 2020 :

This finding confirms that of the Mutuelle des Motards, which for the first time places a scooter – the Honda PCX – at the top of its list. Coyote, best known for its speed camera warning driving assistants, also indicates that "6%" of two-wheelers with one of its geolocation systems were stolen last year.

"If motorcycle thefts (> or = 125 cc) remain over-represented in France with 62% of thefts of two-wheelers due to the size of its fleet, the scooter (> or = 125 cc) is the two-wheeler most often stolen (in equal proportions, Editor’s note) ", specifies Coyote who considers himself the" European leader in connected driver assistance services ".

The most affected region is Hauts-de-France (see graph below) since Coyote lists a rate of "12.6 stolen vehicles per 1000 equipped vehicles (cars and motorcycles combined, Editor‘s note)" by its tracking unit "Coyote Secure". This electronically tracks the stolen vehicles via radio waves that are not very sensitive to interference, including in the basement or in a box.

Post-flight recovery by geolocation

"We find 90% of vehicles within 24 hours", assures Coyote CEO Benoît Lambert, who mobilizes for this purpose a team of "more than 20 detectives 24/7" in collaboration with the forces of the order.

Crime - Scooters are twice as stolen as motorcycles -

This flattering result would allow Coyote to provide the best “post-theft recovery” service, far ahead of unequipped vehicles: according to the Interior Ministry, the recovery rate for stolen vehicles averages only “39% "for motorcycles and" 54% "for cars !

  • MNC of July 19, 2019 : 

Regarding theft methods, remains by far the most frequent with “92%” of stolen motorcycles or scooters loaded in a van. Hence the interest of attaching his two-wheeler to a fixed point via an approved anti-theft device. Likewise, remember to pass the chain or the U through the discs and / or the fork tubes and do not hesitate to install two anti-theft devices: one to secure the motorcycle, the other of the disc lock type with alarm..

Coyote also notes an increase of "11%" in the technique known as "landfill", which consists of concealing the stolen vehicle in an enclosed place in order to quietly dismantle the spare parts. "In 2019, nearly one in two two-wheelers was found in a closed place or buried in the basement", insists Coyote in order to make clear the interest of its paid geolocation service !

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