Crime – Top 10 most stolen motorcycles and scooters in France –


Top 10 most stolen motorcycles and scooters in France

Crime - Top 10 most stolen motorcycles and scooters in France -

La Mutuelle des Motards has just published the Top 10 most stolen two-wheelers in France in 2017 among its policyholders. And unsurprisingly, the best-selling are also the most stolen…

Based on the ratio between the number of vehicles it insures and the number of vehicles declared stolen by its customers, the Mutuelle des Motards publishes the Top 10 of the most stolen motorcycles and scooters last year in France.

The, star of, still truste the top of the podium in front of the and the 675, while the and complete the top 5.

  • MNC of 23 June 2017 :
  • MNC of 20 October 2017 :

Follow in this sad top 10 the and which "made a remarkable appearance", notes the Mutuelle des Motards: the German maxi trail is the seventh most stolen two-wheeler in France ahead of the, the and the Business.

Note however that the, the most sold two-wheeler in France for the, is not among the most stolen according to the Mutuelle des Motards, which also offers for each model a "less popular equivalent of thieves" (see table below below).

The limits of the electronic arsenal

The presence of the Tmax at the top of this sinister classification "demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the electronic traceability system which fitted the 530 models from 2012 to 2014", notes the Mutuelle des Motards which has "not enough perspective" to assess the effect of the new device fitted as standard with the .

  • MNC special file :
  • MNC special file :

The coded keys, which now equip "the majority of the machines appearing in this classification", also show their limits: "not having the key to start the motorcycle or the scooter has never been a brake for thieves who, for the Most of them resell the vehicle in spare parts, ”explains Éric Marot, risk analysis expert at the Mutual. "Considering their exorbitant price, they thus ensure a revenue ten times greater than that of the resale of the motorbike or the complete scooter, while taking less risks".

"Despite all the electronic arsenal deployed by the manufacturers, the U-lock or the chain (imperatively SRA class or Certified NF, recommended by the FFMC) remains essential to protect its vehicle", still considers the Mutual, regretting that "their transport is proving more and more problematic, for lack of dedicated space on most recent motorcycles ".

Top 10 most stolen two-wheelers in France in 2017

Most stolen motorcycles and scooters in 2017 Equivalent model less popular with thieves
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