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All about Cathiiiie !

Culture - All about Cathiiiie! -

Without drawings but with bite, Catherine Devillard alias Cathie, Moto Râleuses in stiletto heels indulges in her latest opus "Sans filet". A crazy biography of galleys and joys of a sacred end of woman who is not cold in the eyes.

The most famous gripe of the sphere motorbike, she is a surgeon she would have liked to do "when she was grown up". Hard to believe, she was so determined to zigzag on other paths and finally lead an eventful life..

This is what she tells us in her latest autobiographical book, "sans filet", after the success of the now unavoidable biker adventures of "Motorâleuses" (read), the fourth volume of which is in preparation.

A childhood that was a little too constrained by intensive gymnastic training and a father that was too normative undoubtedly explained that the gentle reserved kid joined the bad boys early enough to borrow motorcycles and flowery words from them. And breathe the wind of freedom that she will never let go, barely 14 years old. Even if "the motorcycles I rode were on the ground more often than on the road", she admits, rather proud.

As for school, it is therefore that of life that this forager has chosen. The opportunity to forge a sacred character between rebellious midinette and reckless eccentric.

Without unnecessary qualms, Cathie leads us into a description without complacency but without complex in her succession of crazy jobs, sometimes bordering on improbability: trainer in Poitiers, stripper from Marignane to Africa, factory worker, painter aero or journalist to name but a few, Cathie describes herself as an explosive tornado wherever she goes, without ever complying with conveniences or other compromises.

One almost tires to follow the hectic adventures of Cathiiiiiie, made of sticky setbacks and unexpected triumphs. Whether it is to understand his acerbic and ironic vision of our world and his small arrangements with mediocrity, or his moods, quickly swept away by the next adventure – galley or victory -. This journey, which brings her back to motorcycles with her participation in the Moto Tour 2004 and perhaps her home base, writing, is consumed without moderation, at the risk of taking your breath away..

  • "Without Net" by Catherine Devillard
  • Editions Moto Râleuses, € 16, 208 pages
  • More info on


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