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Arcueil Motor: the guardian of the temple

If Arcueil Motor is almost unanimous in the Parisian Landerneau of "flatterers", it is in part thanks to its competition activities. But not only !

"One of my greatest reasons for pride is to have prepared here, in 1982, the four Auriol motorcycles that won the Dakar. !

", quietly confides Alain Berson, 53, the man of Arcueil Motor. Because if this concession is almost unanimous in the Parisian landerneau of" flatterers ", it is partly to racing that it owes it..


"It was Bernard Grenier de Monner, the founder – better known as "Nanar" – who instilled this spirit.", clarifies Alain."We have always prepared motorcycles for customers who wanted to go to the circuits. Apart from the Dakar we did Le Touquet, the 24 Hours of Brittany, a closed-circuit off-road thing that is not easy for a BM. We are also at the origin of the Boxer Cup, obviously under the control of BMW France and on this event, we were the only ones to field three machines! For 2006, we will go to the Moto Tour with Team 202 as well as to the Bol Classic, and then we have another thing in the pipeline. But it’s still a surprise"…

A "monument of passion"

With its 160 new bikes and 120 second-hand vehicles sold during the last financial year, Arcueil is also holding the road vis-à-vis BMW Motorrad. "Here is a monument of passion dedicated to the BMW", considers Alain who confesses"having done all that was possible"with these machines. In fact, it is inexhaustible !

In front of his dealership, he stopped by a superb R 90 S with its small fork crown which caused a sensation when it was released in 1974. "This one, you see, she decided on my passion for these motorcycles", he lets go, a hand on the handlebars of the beautiful."They innovate all the time! In 1977, the R 100 RS was the first to receive an original fairing". In his workshop, Alain explains that here,"everything is geared towards mechanics with a very technical service. We can repair everything, even collectors, and we want to continue in this direction !"

"We know how to get past the bolt and the washer"

Its customers? "There is everything", answers Alain."It is true that BMWs are expensive and that not everyone can afford them. But we also have the fringe of enthusiasts. In fact, it is a mixture that represents French society well. Besides, I like to chat with everyone. We know how to get past the bolt and the washer", he assures, seated on a pedestal table at the back of his concession, stuck between the machines. Suddenly he gets up, work obliges in this Saturday morning. Two minutes later, there he is again:"I present to you a friend who has something to tell you, he’s the president of the BMW Moto Club de France. He wants to tell you about the European gathering (*) he is organizing soon". With Alain, definitely, the wheel is still turning !

(*) European BMW meeting (cars and motorcycles), from June 8 to 11, in Saulures-sur-Moselotte (Vosges), near Gérardmer. 1,000 participants are expected for this major event for the brand.


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