Culture – Bruce Brown, director of the motorcycle film “On Any Sunday”, has passed away –


Bruce Brown, director of the motorcycle film "On Any Sunday", has passed away

Culture - Bruce Brown, director of the motorcycle film `` On Any Sunday '', has passed away -

Bruce Brown died last weekend at the age of 80. The Californian was at the origin of two cult films: the first on the surf "The Endless Summer" and the second on the motorcycle "On Any Sunday".

MNC, who met his son Dana in 2015, greets a great man.

Venerated by surfers around the world for his many documentaries and mainly his cult "The Endless Summer", Bruce Brown also directed the memorable "On Any Sunday" that Steve McQueen himself had also financed !

These two films brought so much to their respective circles that Mister Brown was introduced in 1999 at the AMA Motorcycle hall of Fame – the same year as Agostini, Carruthers, McQueen and Ekins or Knievel! -, then ten years later at the Surfer‘s Hall of fame.

Three years ago, when he released his own motorcycle documentary titled "One Any Sunday: The Next Chapter" and produced by Red Bull, the "new" Steve McQueen in a way…

Bruce’s son told us at the end of the interview that the succession was already assured: "my four-year-old grandson does skateboarding, scootering, and it’s incredible what they know how to do with that. I passed Go Pro to his parents to film himself ".

Bruce Brown has passed away, of course, but his films remain and his descendants will be keen to shoot new ones: "It’s our heritage, they will inherit it. From my point of view, we have to make films or artistic works not for oneself or to claim them, but for others, so that they appreciate them and appropriate them ", concluded Dana.

Site editorial staff join in the grief of Dana, all her family and loved ones.

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