Culture – Confined with … Charles Krajka, bow tie of motorcycles in France … –


Confined with … Charles Krajka, bow tie of motorcycles in France…

Culture - Confined with ... Charles Krajka, bow tie of motorcycles in France ... -

What are the main players in the motorcycle world doing during the lockdown linked to the Covid-19 pandemic? Charles Krajka, living memory of motorcycles in France, spoke to Journal moto du Net.

Born in 1934, Charles Krajka is a real motorcycle encyclopedia in France. Former pilot (solo and sidecar), he held several positions within the FFM and participated in numerous works to improve the safety of motorcyclists ("know, young man, that the word" biker "does not exist "), especially on the circuits he still walks with his famous bow tie.

MNC: Where are you confined ?

Charles Krajka : Yes I am "con finé" with my sweet and tender Titi, my partner, my friend, my collaborator, my mistress and the mother of my children and this since 1959.

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MNC: How are your days going? ?

C. K. : I wake up at 5 am, I make the coffee and I go back to bed to read either magazines, the Duck, or books. Then at 8 o’clock I get up, wash and have breakfast. I watch the news then I switch to Arte for reports and travel. At 11 am I do the grub for the midday meal. Then a little coffee and I sit in my TV chair. At 4 pm I do a little gardening or tidying up in the workshop in the basement. At 6 pm again the food and at 7:30 pm supper. And then knocked out with fatigue (ah ah ah), back to the chair and TV again. At 11:20 am, in bed with a book until midnight. This is a typical day dear friend.

MNC: What do you miss the most ?

C. K. : What I miss the most is contact with friends, not being able to go to English and Spanish lessons, the swimming pool and the gym, life what !

MNC: Are you afraid ?

C. K. : Afraid of what ? To be sick? Die be it, but in good health! Not even afraid of dying, I have already tested twice…

MNC: A book, a film, a series, a record to recommend ?

C. K. : In general anything that relates to history and makes you think about the human being. In film, I would say "The paths of glory" (Stanley Kubrick 1957, Editor’s note). Reflection on the human soul forces us to question ourselves … Yes, it’s not all sex stories !

MNC: Your Favorite Motorcycle Video ?

C. K. : The videos I watch the most are travel, it reminds me of my past activities.

MNC: The first thing you will do at the end of the lockdown ?

C. K. : What I will do first is visit some friends. Hello and fraternity, life is good let’s take advantage of it because dying is for a long time !

Interview by Eric MICHEL

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